Changes were made to the quarantine period of close contacts

Change in the Quarantine Period of Close Contacts

A written statement came from the Ministry of Health that a change was made in the quarantine period of close contacts. The following statements were made in the written statement from the Ministry of Health: In line with scientific studies, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) [more…]

cadir camp tourism awareness event organized

Tent Camp Tourism Awareness Event Was Held

Developing sustainable nature-friendly tourism activities in the Western Black Sea Region, which has an important potential in nature and cultural tourism with its historical, cultural and natural beauties, preserving the natural elements and resource values ​​of the region. [more…]

Does the coronavirus affect the teeth

Does Coronavirus Affect Teeth?

The uncertainty, quarantine processes and social isolation we experience due to the coronavirus, which continues to affect the world, affect our psychology negatively, while boredom in the literal sense of the word causes us to "clenched our teeth" due to stress. [more…]

Toyota introduced the future of automotive at kenshiki forum
81 Japan

Toyota Presents The Future Of Automotive At Kenshiki Forum

While introducing the innovations that Toyota will present in the coming period at the Kenshiki Forum, which it organized for the second time, it also conveyed the main lines of its mobility vision that will be the pioneer of a great change. One of the key innovations introduced at the Kenshiki Forum is Toyota's complete [more…]