A Big Drop in Domestic and International Flights During the Pandemic

In the pandemic, domestic line flights decreased by percent.
In the pandemic, domestic line flights decreased by percent.

With the coronavirus pandemic, the uneasiness and restrictions caused by the risk of transmission in the society caused serious drops, especially in air travel.

The coronavirus epidemic, which has affected the whole world since the first months of 2020, especially negatively affected the tourism industry. Within the scope of the measures taken, although the flight bans imposed in April and May were lifted as of June, the anxiety caused by the risk of contamination in the society prevented travel. According to the data shared by the plane and bus ticket platform Turna.com, in the 1-month period covering the period from June 30 to November 2020, 6, those who purchased airline tickets decreased by 63%. With many countries introducing frequent restrictions, especially international flights decreased significantly compared to 2019: Domestic flights decreased by 60% and international flights decreased by 81%.

Istanbul Bodrum lost its place in the 5 most popular routes

It also revealed the most traveled routes during the pandemic process. The pandemic did not cause a serious change in the most frequently flown routes in domestic routes, however, Istanbul - Bodrum, which was in the top 2019 in 5, was replaced by Adana - Istanbul. This situation was evaluated as a result of the increase in travels made by vehicles due to the risk of transmission, replacing some air travels. In terms of the number of trips, air travels also decreased significantly on the most popular routes. Travels between Istanbul and Izmir, the most popular route, decreased by 74%.

Amsterdam left its place to Tehran!

According to the data, Istanbul Baku, Antalya-Kiev and Istanbul-Tashkent, which were in the top 2019 places of 3, remained the most frequently flown international routes. Amsterdam, which was in the top 5 last year, was replaced by Tehran, and Odesa was replaced by Belgrade. It has been observed that travel bans, especially in Europe, have seriously changed popular travel destinations.

France is no longer among the most visited countries

Another notable point in the changing travel habits was the changes in the rankings of the most popular countries traveled in 2020. Germany, which has a dense expatriate population, ranked first in 2019 as in 2020. France, which was in the top 5 last year, left its place to Uzbekistan. While Russia dropped one place to the fourth country in the ranking of popular countries, it was observed that countries with less travel restrictions instead of European countries started to rank higher in the lists.

Women travel less

It also revealed the ratio of men and women who travel by plane during the pandemic period. In this process, while the share of men in air travels increased from 54% to 56%, the share of women decreased to 46% from 44% in the previous period. The average age of airline passengers also fell from 34 to 33.

Pegasus on domestic routes and Turkish Airlines abroad

Striking data on airline companies were also included in the study. While Pegasus maintained its first place in domestic flights, compared to other airlines, Sunexpress was the airline that experienced the least decrease in passenger numbers in the market. The clear advantage of Turkish Airlines (THY) in international flights continued. Although the number of flights of THY decreased, it was seen that it strengthened its place in the ranking. It drew attention to the fact that Sunexpress climbed 6 places in the international flights and ranked 3rd. Wind Rose and Sky Up, Ukraine-based low-cost airlines, which stand out especially with charter flights, surpassed traditional airlines and started to be in the top 10. Among the most important airlines affected by the flight bans, Saudi Arabia's leading airline Saudia and Russia's leading airline Aeroflot lost their places in the ranking during the pandemic period.

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