izmir marina becomes a center of attraction again
35 Izmir

İzmir Marina Becomes a Center of Attraction Again

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has almost rebuilt the marina in Üçkuyular, which it took over in June 2020. The facility, which was started to be operated by the General Directorate of İZDENİZ under the name İzmir Marina, was renovated and started to host boats. Children and young people [more…]

university bridge is illuminated
21 Diyarbakir

Dicle University Bridge Is Illuminated

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality completed the renovation work it started to ensure pedestrian and vehicle safety on the University Bridge, which connects the city center and the university, and opened the bridge to the service of citizens. Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, city center [more…]

Under age public transport ban law lowered
07 Antalya

Under 20 Public Transport Ban Reduced to 12 Years!

Do not forget to match your Antalyakart with the HEPP code. In accordance with the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Antalya Provincial Public Health Board Decision, students and trainees aged 12-20 in public transportation can use their public transportation cards on February 1, Monday. [more…]

Gebze OSB Fever Work on Side Roads
41 Kocaeli

Gebze OSB Fever Work on Side Roads

Within the scope of the "Gebze District TEM Highway Bridges Connection Roads 1st Stage Construction Work", which will ease the traffic between Gebze OIZs and Gebze district center, sidewalks and guardrails are manufactured on the side roads. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Aid Campaigns in Istanbul Grow with Philanthropists

Hundreds of thousands of people held the hands of people they did not know with the donation campaigns initiated by IMM for those in need. donations collected; to the family who cannot pay their bills and access to basic food, to the mother who cannot afford the needs of her baby, to the needy [more…]

izdeniz car ferry prices hike
35 Izmir

İZDENİZ Ferryboat Fees Increase

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ General Directorate has rearranged the inbound flight times due to the number of passengers falling by more than 50 percent during the pandemic process. While there was an increase in ferry fares due to economic necessities; discount [more…]

million lira support to movie theaters

15,9 Million Lira Support to Movie Theaters

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will provide 74 million lira support to 159 movie theaters in 15,9 provinces. The Ministry, within the scope of "Domestic Film Screening Support", offers to movie theater operators who had to close their doors due to the coronavirus epidemic. [more…]