IETT Decreased Passenger Density by Increasing the Number of Flights in Pandemic

IETT Increased the Number of Flights in Pandemic
IETT Increased the Number of Flights in Pandemic

IETT, one of the affiliated companies of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, contains important data regarding the daily vehicle, expedition, travel numbers, and the service provided during the pandemic period, which includes a 12-month period.

Percentage values ​​in the chart are based on the December numbers. All IETT, ÖHO and IUAŞ vehicles were included in the figures. There are 5 buses in the system. Except for those who did not work due to repair, maintenance, breakdown, accident or inspection, 600 thousand 5 buses served on the lines. The numbers are derived from statistics on busy weekdays.

In December, January and February, when the pandemic restrictions did not start, an average of 5 thousand 240 vehicles per day were served. In this 3-month period, it is seen that an average of 46 thousand trips are made per day. While 3 million 693 thousand trips were made per day in December, this figure decreased to 3 million 200 thousand in January. In February, it rose to 3 million 500 thousand. In March, when the first case was announced, the number of trips decreased to an average of 2 million per day. In April and May, the number of trips dropped dramatically to 500 thousand and 600 thousand.


According to the data of the last 3 months, IETT served with an average of 5 vehicles per day in September, October and November. More flights were made during this period than in December 250. In December 2019, an average of 2019 thousand 44 trips were made per day, while in November 600, an average of 2020 thousand 45 trips were made per day.

While the number of trips was 2019 million 3 thousand per day in December 693, it decreased by 2020 percent, decreasing to 1 million 883 thousand per day in November 49. In December 2019 and in November 2020, an average of 9 trips were made per vehicle per day. While an average of 2019 trips were made per voyage in December 83, it was halved in November 2020 and 41 trips were made per voyage.

According to the data; During the IETT pandemic period, although the number of trips decreased by half, the trips did not decrease. There is no decrease in the number of buses running.


On the metrobus line, 528 vehicles were on the voyage actively, based on December. This figure rose to 2020 in November 560. The total number of vehicles in the system is 600.

In December 2019, an average of 928 thousand passengers were transported per day, while this number dropped to 2020 thousand in November 499. While an average of 2019 thousand 7 trips were made per day in December 155, the number of flights increased by 2020 percent in November 3 to 7 thousand 357. While 2019 passengers were transported per flight in December 130, 2020 passengers were transported per voyage, with a decrease of 48 percent in November 68.

Although the number of trips on the metrobus line has decreased by half as in the buses, IETT reduced the passenger density by increasing the number of buses and trips in the system.

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