Tent Camp Tourism Awareness Event Was Held

cadir camp tourism awareness event organized
cadir camp tourism awareness event organized

TR81 Western Black Sea Region Tent Camping Tourism Field, which is carried out to develop sustainable nature-friendly tourism activities in the Western Black Sea Region, which has an important potential in nature and culture tourism with its historical, cultural and natural beauties, to highlight the natural elements and resource values ​​of the region and to promote them. Detection Study awareness activity was carried out with an online meeting.

The online awareness activity, in which the outputs of the determination study, which lasted for 15 days and carried out in 18 different areas in total, and the current situation and potential of the relevant areas were conveyed, was held with the participation of the district governorships, universities, municipalities, public institutions and organizations, chambers of commerce and industry and other relevant non-governmental organizations.

Western Black Sea Development Agency (BAKKA) Secretary General Dr. The meeting, where Lutfi Altunsu made the opening speech, continued with the presentation and video demonstration of the camp team who carried out the field work and experienced travel.

In the presentation, the definition and needs of tent camping tourism, the place and importance of tent camping tourism in the world and in our country, the outputs of the travel experience in our region were presented and the videos obtained from the field studies were shown.

At the end of the presentation regarding the study, the meeting was ended after the questions of the participants were answered and their feedback and contributions were also received. The report to be prepared by the agency will be shared with the public via bakkakutuphane.org.tr in the coming weeks.



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