Modern taxi station works in trabzon do not slow down
61 Trabzon

Modern Taxi Stop Works In Trabzon Does Not Slow Down

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to renew the taxi stands in the city center, which creates visual pollution, at full speed. The taxi that was launched in line with the promise made by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Murat Zorluoğlu, to the taxi driver tradesmen. [more…]

The concrete road network of the manisa is expanding
45 Manisa

Manisa's Concrete Road Network Expands

The concrete road constructions connecting 25 neighborhoods on the Alaşehir-Salihli route by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality continue without slowing down. Works have been completed on 35 kilometers of the 21 kilometers road network and are available to citizens. [more…]

Sakarya Buyuksehir is going to tender for private public bus
54 Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan 14 Private Public Bus Tender

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is going to the tender for the 14-vehicle Private Public Bus that will serve in Hendek. On Wednesday, December 30, the tenders to be held according to the Open Bid procedure will be held at the Metropolitan Assembly Meeting Hall. Tender specifications [more…]

students got stronger in the pandemic period
86 China

CoronaVac Vaccine Is Produced In This Center

The center where the coronavirus vaccine CoronaVac, which Turkey plans to use in the fight against the pandemic, is produced in Beijing, was displayed. Turkey has ordered 50 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine CoronaVac developed by the Chinese biopharmaceutical company Sinovac. Sinovac coronavirus vaccine, [more…]

Residence expires in marriage applications

Residence Requirement Removed in Marriage Applications

In the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior, the following statements were included: “With the regulation, the obligation to apply to the marriage officer in the province or district where one of the couples resides has been abolished. With the application, the bureaucracy in the municipalities is reduced and the service [more…]

Wondering about coronavirus during pregnancy

Wondering About Coronavirus During Pregnancy

Suppression of the immune system and physiological changes during pregnancy make expectant mothers more susceptible to infections. Suppression of the immune system and physiological changes during pregnancy make expectant mothers more susceptible to infections. [more…]

test tubekipris

In Which Situation Is A Tube Baby Applied?

There are many solutions to almost all of the various fertility-related problems that you will experience with prospective mothers and fathers who want to have children. Today, under the name of IVF treatment, thanks to the opportunities offered by the medical field, [more…]