The Number of Passengers Using the Airline in November Was Approximately 6,2 Million

The Number of Passengers Using the Airline in November Was Approximately Million
The Number of Passengers Using the Airline in November Was Approximately Million

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) announced the airline plane, passenger and cargo statistics for November 2020.

While the negative effects of the COVID-19 epidemic caused stagnation in the aviation industry all over the world, thanks to the steps and measures taken by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, passenger mobility was experienced at the expected level in domestic and international lines. Passengers continue to travel safely at airports where physical conditions are regulated according to social distance and disinfection processes are applied continuously.

In November 2020;

The number of aircraft that land and take off at the airports; Total aircraft traffic, which was 51.034 in domestic and 20.781 in international flights, was 86.600 with overpasses.

This month, Turkey serving domestic passenger traffic at airports across 4.098.403, international passenger traffic was 2.033.115. Thus, total passenger traffic with direct transit passengers was realized as 6.134.208 in the said month.

Airport freight (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic; In November, it reached a total of 50.378 tons, 169.370 tons on domestic lines and 219.748 tons on international lines.


In November, Istanbul Airport's landing and take-off air traffic was 4.849 for domestic flights and 10.554 for international flights.

Passenger traffic was 526.368 for domestic flights and 1.216.863 for international flights.

According to the first eleven months (January-November) realizations;

Aircraft landing and taking off at airports was 533.283 on domestic lines and 260.616 on international flights. Thus, a total of 979.959 aircraft traffic was served, including overpasses.

Turkey 46.664.646 of the overall domestic passenger traffic airports, where 30.061.253 of international passengers traffic in this period amounted to 76.773.550 direct transit passengers with total passenger traffic together.

During the period in question, the freight (cargo, post and baggage) traffic of the airports; 464.642 tons in domestic lines and 1.720.714 tons in international lines.

In the first eleven months, 170.699 aircraft and 21.733.944 passenger traffic were realized at Istanbul Airport.

At Istanbul Atatürk Airport, where general aviation activities and cargo transportation continue, 2020 aircraft traffic was recorded in the first eleven months of 34.218.

Thus, a total of 204.917 aircraft traffic occurred in these two airports in the same period.



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