How to match istanbulkart account code
34 Istanbul

How to Match Istanbulkart HEPP Code?

In the decision taken by the Ministry of Health within the scope of Covid-19 measures, HES code control in public transportation has been made mandatory. With this decision, which guarantees public health, it is aimed to make urban transportation safer during the pandemic period. [more…]

appledag and herokazanda phoenix period begins
06 Ankara

Ankarakart Period Begins in Elmadağ and Kahramankazan

The use of ANKARAKART, known as the electronic toll collection system, is becoming increasingly common in Başkent. After EGO buses and Private Public Buses, Private Public Transport Vehicles (ELV), which serve in the surrounding districts of Ankara, continue to be integrated into the system. December 21 [more…]

the open door keeps making the face laugh

The Open Door Keeps Smiling

The Open Door unit, which was established in December 2017 within the Ministry of Interior, continues to make the citizens happy with the service it provides. Open Door, serving at 1000 points including 81 provincial governorships and 221 district governorships with approximately 302 personnel [more…]

New test facility for national combat aircraft
06 Ankara

3 New Test Facilities for National Combat Aircraft

TAI announced on its Twitter account 3 test centers to be built for the Lightning Test, RKA Measurement and EMI / EMC Test for the National Combat Aircraft Project. “With our MMU project, we have brought 3 large new test centers to our country with our national facilities and [more…]

Does vitamin D reduce the risk of developing advanced cancer?

Does Vitamin D Reduce the Risk of Advanced Stage Cancer?

According to the results of the study, Anadolu Medical Center Medical Oncology Specialist Professor, who stated that vitamin D generally reduces the risk of developing advanced cancer by 17 percent. Dr. Serdar Turhal said, “Researchers have a problem with normal body mass index, that is, not overweight. [more…]

this electric model of volkswaga will replace the passatin
49 Germany

This Electric Model of Volkswagen to Replace Passat

ID.Vizzion was added to Volkswagen's models developed within the scope of electrification strategy. This model, which is aimed to be launched in 2023, will replace the Passat. ID.Vizzion will be able to travel 700 km with a 10-minute charge while offering a range of 230 km to its user. German automotive giant [more…]

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