The Pearl of Sivas, Demirağ OSB Will End Unemployment

Sivasin pearl demirag will end desolation
Sivasin pearl demirag will end desolation

Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO) Chairman Mustafa Eken and board members visited the Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone construction site and received information about the works.

Demirağ OSB Manager Mustafa Beştepe and our Chairman of the Board Mustafa Eken, who received information about the latest situation from the company officials, said, "Demirağ, the pearl of Sivas, will end unemployment."

Stating that the infrastructure tender for Demirağ OIZ was made in 2018 and will be completed in 2021, our President Eken said, “Demirağ OSB consists of 814 hectares, 224 parcels and 60 percent of it passes a rail system. For the time being, an investment of 600 million lira has been allocated to two large companies. Mr. Mustafa Varank announced at the TOBB Economic Council that the infrastructure allowance will be sent as soon as possible with the instruction given by our President to our minister of industry and will end by the end of 2021. I would like to thank our President, the Minister of Industry, our Governor, our deputies, our Mayor, all our fellow citizens and valuable members of our chamber ”.


Stating that they have made efforts to change the place of Sivas within the scope of incentives since the day they took office, our President Eken said; “Since we took office, there was only one thing we defended. Sivas relocated under the incentive. And again, with the request we gave to our President for this, he gave the good news that Sivas will be included in the scope of the most special incentive. We demanded that Sivas be a center of attraction rather than Demirağ. We still repeat our request. The area we are in today is Demirağ Organize Sanayisi, which will be completely implemented and operational. I hope all of them will be the center of attraction. I hope we will end unemployment with a Demirağ, whose decree was signed in 2021, its infrastructure was finished at the end of 2021 and investors came. The unemployment of our 30-35 thousand unemployed brothers only ends when such investments come. With the arrival of these investments, the people of Sivas can be very comfortable. We have a target of 2024-2025 thousand unemployed here until 15-20. We think that this will solve serious unemployment. I attach great importance to our Demirağ OSB Management Setup. I would like to thank our Demirağ management board for stubbornly walking on this path. I would like to thank our deputies İsmet Yılmaz and Habib Soluk who made great efforts to bring this place to life. Our esteemed governor, mayor, parliamentarians and NGOs all attached great importance to this place from the very beginning. Sivas shows its unity and solidarity. "


Emphasizing that Sivas is one of the most attractive cities to be invested in, our President Eken continued his words as follows; “Sivas is a peaceful city and the safest city in Central Anatolia. You know, the high-speed train will take action in the 2021th month of 6 at the latest. The fact that Demirağ Organized Zone is an organized industry with a special incentive practice as our President puts it, is right at the bottom of the logistics village, and when Demirağ Organize ends at the same time at the end of 2021, the logistics village in this region is finished, perhaps we are the only province. The rail system runs through it. Here, there is a chance to send products directly to the port via rail system. So there are many reasons for investors to choose this place. There is a lot of effort in making this place this way. Thanks to everybody for their exertion. Now we have a task. The infrastructure of this place is accelerated and completed, the investors are given a place and the chimneys of the factories are smoking. We have also assumed our duty. Everyone has done their duty and continues to do so. We call all here in Turkey; Sivas is now one of the attraction cities to invest in. "

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