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Actual News YouTube MP3 Converter Sites

YouTube In the past, we had to install programs on our computers for mp3 converter. There is no such need anymore. All you have to do is on-line youtube enter mp3 converter sites! You want to download YouTube copy the link of the video [more…]

change ay world entered the transfer process
86 China

Chang'e-5 Enters Moon-Earth Transfer Orbit

China's Chang'e-5 spacecraft made its second orbital maneuver at 9.51:150 am Beijing time and entered the Moon-Earth transfer orbit. In the statement made by the China National Space Administration, XNUMXN in the part consisting of orbit and return vehicles [more…]

pandemic cleaning from ibb to hospital
34 Istanbul

Pandemic Clearance from IMM to 245 Hospitals

The work of cleaning the gardens and surroundings of the hospitals, which IMM carried out without interruption during the pandemic process, will take 9 days this time. The study, which was started on 19 December as a precaution against the rapidly increasing Covid-12 cases throughout the city, [more…]

online guidance to families with the school support project
58 Sivas

Online Guidance to Families with the School Support Project

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services brought another innovation to the School Support Project, which was initiated within the scope of the Social and Economic Support (SED) service. The Ministry is responsible for the children to be supported under the School Support Project in the provincial directorates. [more…]

Where to pay the traffic ticket

Where is the traffic fine paid?

The number of vehicles increasing day by day brings with it the increase in traffic violations and fines. Such as wrong overtaking, parking violation, failure to maintain vehicle following distance, not using seat belt, traffic light violation. [more…]