Included in 4.5G in train lines and tunnels

4.5G was included in the train lines and tunnels: 4G technology requirement was changed with the amendment to the 4.5G tender specifications. Domestic product utilization rate was increased to 3 per year. Tunnels and train lines were also included

The specifications of the 3G tender, announced by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK), will be held in 26 in August. ICTA Chairman Ömer Fatih Sayan, "then the changes will begin with 4G technology known as public services in this tender Turkey. 4.5G technology will be opened to the introduction of domestic technology, X he said. Sayan, the frequencies to be allocated after the tender 5 April 1'dan starting with the new technology service delivery can be started.

Tender 3 month postponed

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said: “The world is talking about 5G. We don't need to waste time with 4G. 3G 2 5G years, we go to 4G. Otherwise, it returns xnumxg'y if we moved into Turkey Dump "after the words 3 deferred month contracts.

With the amendment made in the tender specification of IMT (International Mobile Telecommunication), which is called as 4G in the public opinion, Sayan stated that a vision aiming for communication sector which has its own R & D and higher ratio has been put forward. Sayan also stated that it is aimed to be covered within a certain period of time. In addition to the highways and high-speed train lines, Sayan also stated that it is aimed to provide mobile broadband services to the citizens who travel through these tunnels and travel on conventional train lines.

Domestic product use rate starts with 30

Sayan stated that the communication and information technologies sector has strategic importance and said that they attach great importance to domestic products and production in products such as mobile phone devices and base stations used in the communication sector.

With the amendment made in the tender specifications, Sayan pointed out that the required domestic product utilization rates were increased in the new specification. UM Domestic product utilization rates were determined as 3-8-15 in the first specification while in the new specification at least 30 for the first year and In the following years, at least 40 has been obliged to use domestic products. In this context, we want the products such as base stations, switching and routers to be supplied from local products with the specified rates for software and hardware related to the network and communication. Bu

4.5G technology requirement is met

Emphasizing that the tender to be held is a frequency allocation tender, Sayan stated that by using these frequencies after the tender, new technologies could be offered to consumers including 5G. Sayan, the new specifications to be established in the new infrastructure publicly called 4.5G "IMT-Advanced" technology, which is described as a minimum requirement to use, he said.

Receivables from SMEs

Operators 8 95 percent of Turkey's population in the years after authorization, all the provinces and districts have to cover the 90 percent of the population. SMEs in the domestic product development and was brought to the obligation to provide at least 10 percent of the products manufactured in Turkey by the suppliers of SME nature of the investment, which was established in Turkey in order to encourage the operators to make their own means of production.

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