Crazy offer for mega projects

Megan crazy bids for projects: Turkey's President Erdogan's visit to China mega-project was marked. Chinese companies submitted proposals for half price of their global competitors to many projects, especially Kanalİstanbul.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to China, which started the day before with nearly 100 businessmen, is expected to have a doping effect on trade between the two countries. Turkish firms for tourism, in many areas of the construction sector is expected until the formation of new deals, while the Chinese side on the agenda of Turkey's 2023 targets are within the scope of mega-projects he wants to implement. The Chinese government encourages leading companies in the field of the country, the 3rd International Airport Kanalistanbul the tunnel, fast train up close to 30 projects of global competitors in Turkey promises to make almost half the price. Chinese companies, mega several months before the project saying that on the agenda of Turkish China Silk Road Economic and Cultural Cooperation Association Vice President Demokan is that "Chinese companies, projects in Turkey, the most reasonable cost with equipment and manpower to implement. They have been working seriously for a long time. They are seeking partnerships with the Turks. We are also asked for help in this regard. ”

Underlining that technology transfer is important in the relations between the two countries, Eren stated that studies on co-production in the industry have also started. Chinese companies that want to establish is that information that an organized industrial zone in Turkey, "Turkish companies to supply cheap labor and materials do not have a second point that is integrated with the advanced technology available," he said. Turkey's tourism potential of the Chinese state firms to enter on the agenda. According to the information obtained from SABAH's businessmen joining the delegation, a Chinese company will establish a tourism complex in Cappadocia. The Chinese company, which is looking for a Turkish partner, is planning an investment of 300 million dollars for this investment. On the first day of his visit to China, 3 important deals were signed.

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