Metrobüste live bomb alarm

Live bomb alert in Metrobus: A bomb report was made at the Okmeydanı stop on the Zincirlikuyu-Avcılar metrobus route in Istanbul. The police stopped the metrobus and made a search.

A search was made at the Okmeydanı metrobus stop in ISTANBUL upon the notification of a live bomb.It was learned that a person with a tattoo on his arm and who was stated to be able to carry out an action in the metrobus was searched.

A tip on the direction of Zincirlikuyu-Avcılar metrobüs stop by the police stop Okmeydanı. The policemen in the vest checked the metrobus. Then the reinforcement teams were called to the scene. Some citizens who are uncomfortable with this situation react when the police,, We can not leave anyone out right now. Metrobüste have 80 contacts. One of you can burn all of you. İç

For a while, the police checked the underpass and the environment. He lowered the men one by one and sought tattoos on his wrists. It was stated that the suspect had a tattoo, and that this was done in this direction. Some people 's bags were also searched. Men were sent by another metrobus, while women were also searched.



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