Bomb attack in Elazığ

A bomb attack on the train in Elazig: PKK terrorists detonated the bombs they laid on the rails as the postal train that made the Haydarpasa-Iran campaign proceeded on the Elazig-Bingol road. It was stated that there were no dead and injured in the attack that caused the damage.

The incident occurred at the tunnel entrance near Suveren Hodan station between Elazig's Palu and Bingöl's Genç Districts. When the mail train numbered 51512 under the direction of Resul Kocaöz, which was going from Istanbul Haydarpaşa to Iran, came to the tunnel entrance near Suveren Hodan station at 10.30 in the morning, a bomb previously laid by PKK terrorists was detonated. While there were no casualties and no injuries in the explosion, the luggage car and rails were damaged. Bingöl Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger stated that the handmade bomb laid by the terrorist organization PKK was detonated with a remote control, and the train continued on its way and many security guards were dispatched to the region.

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