Tender Preparation for Light Rail System

Tender Preparation for Konya Light Rail System: The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication will bid for the survey and feasibility work for the light rail system, which will consist of 44,6 main lines (campus and ring lines) with a total length of 2 kilometers in Konya.

According to the information received from the Ministry officials of the AA correspondent, Konya Metropolitan Municipality transportation master plan studies, Mevlana and city museum in terms of harboring tourism potential with high speed train and airline for domestic and foreign tourists to become attractive for reasons such as the increase in the number of universities due to reasons such as it turned out that permanent and long-term investments should be made. As a result of the work carried out in coordination with Konya Metropolitan Municipality, a light rail system backbone consisting of 44,6 main line (campus and ring lines) with a total length of 2 was found to be needed.

In this context, the Campus-Beyhekim-Yeni YHT Gar-Gar-Meram Municipality Light Rail System Line, consisting of 23,9 kilometers and 26 stations, extending to the existing garage and Meram Municipality in the south instead of the existing tram line and serving the Beyhekim hospitals region in the north. Necmettin Erbakan University-Yeni YHT Gar-Fetih Caddesi-Meram Municipality Light Rail System Line, which consists of 20,7 kilometers of 24 stations, which is a ring line to form the second part of the spine, was decided to be built.

The Ministry has undertaken the construction of the projects with the decision of the Council of Ministers numbered 1 and dated April 2015, 7505, since the resources of local administrations were insufficient to realize high cost and comprehensive investments quickly. In order to start the study and feasibility processes of these two projects, the Ministry applied to the Ministry of Development for investment program and budget supply and the necessary allocation process was completed on July 24. The technical team's tender document preparation process will continue, and the tender for the study and feasibility work will be launched in the coming days.

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