Nazilli Municipality has undergone regulation and renovation work at a level crossing

The Nazilli Municipality has made a regulation and renovation work on the level crossing: the Güzelköy level crossing on the Denizli Aydın State Highway was renewed by Nazilli Municipality.

The level crossing at the entrance of Güzelköy neighborhood, which is approximately 5 kilometers from Nazilli, was reorganized by Nazilli Municipality. Denizli-Aydin State Highway on the way to the entrance of the Güzelköy neighborhood of Nazilli level crossing the 25 meter length of the asphalt broken by the Nazilli Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams were excavated. Immediately after the excavation of the damaged asphalt, the 10-meter section of the road from the highway to the rails was paved again, and after the rails, the paving block was laid in the 15-meter section of the main entrance road of the neighborhood.

This passage, where the arrangements were made, was not only the entrance of Güzelköy Neighborhood, but the transition to the 5-6 neighborhood with this passage was made by the Mayor of Nazilli Haluk Alıcık. The residents of the neighborhood had already expressed their concerns about this road and were worried about the accidents that could result in loss of life and property. We have started to work immediately after the residents have informed us about the correction and renewal demands for this road. On the 2 work day, our teams completed the paving and cobblestone pavement and road pavement in the level and level of traffic, which is in the real sense. Now, we recommend that our drivers be careful, whatever happens in this passage, which has a more smooth entrance. ”


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