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The steady growth in the railway sector continues at a rapid pace. With both the modernization of conventional lines and the expansion of new high-speed train lines, Turkey is the largest rail market in Europe. In addition, it is important with railway preferences in urban transportation. kazanWe continue to work on the issue of public transportation at the moment. Attending domestic and international seminars, congresses, panels, events and fairs on this subject. RayHaber As a team we are trying to support.

Turkish companies plan to invest in production, manufacturing and assembly to meet the need in the growing railway sector. We support RAYDER, DTD, UTIKAD, ARUS and other organizations working to support these companies. Our hundreds of articles on 'local production' and 'National Train' http://www.rayhaber.com can follow from our website.

In this issue, we had a special interview with Kardemir, which has an important place in the world steel manufacturing market established in Karabük. The future projects of the company, which can produce rails with a length of 72m, will attract a lot of attention. You will also have quite interesting information about the Mecca-Medina train.

See you in our next issue, with my love ...

Levent Özen

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