Massey Ferguson is Under Ascendum Assurance in Balıkesir


Massey Ferguson is under Ascendum Assurance in Balıkesir: ASCENDUM Makina reflected its reliability and leadership in the agricultural sector as well. ASCENDUM Makina, which partnered with AGCO Agricultural Machinery, secured the sales and after-sales services of Massey Ferguson in Balıkesir and its surroundings.
After the sales and after-sales services of the legendary name of the tractor market Massey Ferguson for the Balıkesir region, ASCENDUM Makina began to feel its power in the agricultural sector after the construction machinery sector. Massey Ferguson, which is active in Balıkesir and its districts, which is considered to be the heart of agriculture in the Aegean region, was trying to offer the best service to its customers with its experienced and professional team. As a result of this agreement, Massey Ferguson, which was fed by ASCENDUM Makina and AGCO Agricultural Machinery in the field of ASCENDUM Makina's sales and after-sales services, increased the bar in the quality of service it provided to its customers as a result of this agreement.
After sale ASCENDUM privilege
Noting that Balıkesir is a key region in terms of the agricultural sector, Mr. Oktay Akbaba, Agricultural Machinery Manager of ASCENDUM Machinery, explained how partnerships with AGCO Agricultural Machinery started, Tarım AGCO Agricultural Machinery company wanted to be with a company that did not work in the tractor sector in particular. So we were this company. Because ASCENDUM Makina, which has been operating in construction machinery, automotive and commercial vehicles sectors, we wanted to work in agriculture sector. Thus, Massey Ferguson brand and AGCO Agricultural Machinery company met our ways erg.
Akbaba said that they brought fresh blood to Balıkesir and the kapsayan region “covering the districts with the excitement brought by the coming of ASCENDUM Makina from the agricultural sector and the enthusiasm for the sector. Akbaba, the first sign of this as the central office Balıkesir building; sales, spare parts and service, adding that they are operating.
ASCENDUM Machinery, which has contracted with the service and dealers in many regions of Balıkesir, gives the after-sales service of Massey Ferguson personally. Contract service and dealers, 'more serious and better service' continues to work with the understanding. Akbaba said, ı As Massey Ferguson, we invested in Balıkesir. These; sales, customer support (spare parts) and service points, "he says. The fact that the three departments met in the same building did not happen in Balıkesir before, makes a difference in terms of the tractor sector.
Equal service to all
Aiming to make Massey Ferguson weight in the sector, ASCENDUM Makina proves the return of the legendary name of the agricultural sector to the region with its service quality. Akbaba, which is known to be used for garden tractors in Balıkesir and around the world, attracted attention to the fact that they aim to reach every customer in the region. Ak It is generally imported for Bandırma, Biga and Gönen environment where professional agriculture is done; Italian and French origin products are sold. Here, we make our difference and awareness felt by serving with equal distance and obligation without discrimination..

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