Free cable car in the army created tail

Free ropeway in the army created the queue: Army Metropolitan Municipality, 1 May Labor and Solidarity Day and Regaip Kandili due to the free use of the cable car line between the city center and Boztepe, the queue occurred in front of the line.

Receiving the news that the cable car is free, the citizens set up a long queue in front of the station. Citizens, who were put in cabinets in groups of eight by the officers, enjoyed watching the bird's eye view from Boztepe after being in the air for 8 minutes. Some citizens stated that they got on the cable car for the first time.

Yusuf Kıran told the AA reporter that he came from Gölköy district with his family to get on the cable car and said, “We will take the cable car for the first time. We thank those who provided this service to us. We expect the same practice to continue on other special days. ”

Worker Hikmet Yılmaz thanked the officials who made the cable car free of charge on a beautiful day and said, “We were given such a service by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality today. We had the pleasure of the cable car before. Today, we will go to Boztepe to take advantage of our holiday by knowing the opportunity. ”

Nihal Tut, on the other hand, said that he got on the cable car for the first time.

- Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Yılmaz

On the other hand, Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yılmaz emphasized that they offered the cable car free of charge due to the May 1 Labor and Solidarity Day and the Regaip Kandili. When we see the queue formed in front of the cable car, we say 'good thing we made this decision'. The happiness of our citizens is our happiness. We are here for them. Our service will continue on other special days, ”he said.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:30

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