Urban Balustrade Bodywork System

Urbanized Bodyless Bodywork System: Embedded Rail System for both light rail and railway systems. edilon) (an international supplier of sedra rail fixing systems, the company cooperates in turn key infrastructure projects of rail systems in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America and the Middle East. The sedra ERS (Embedded Rail System) is the basis for these solutions, and this robust and proven ballast-free system offers flexible application options in both light rail and rail systems.

ABSTRACT The use of homogeneous elastic support throughout the rail provides optimum support, durability and electrical insulation at the optimum level. ERS also finds a perfect field of application in tunnels in other types of railway systems, as well as in light rail system lines in urban areas.

'US' '' '' 'ERS' '(sedra USTS) allows different types of surface treatment between two rails, while keeping the electrical insulation at the optimum level between the lines, paving stones, asphalt, cobblestone, brick or buried concrete can be laid and thus protect local architectural heritage (even contributing) Prefabricated plates are transported to the site by truck and are laid side by side on the regulated lower base.

Furthermore, the rail breakage is significantly reduced compared to the separately fixed line systems, and the rail undulation is also effectively eliminated. Using USTS, the lines, plates and rails are mounted in an extremely durable manner.

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