The Destiny of the Küre-İnebolu Cable Car Line is Decayed

The Destiny of the Küre-İnebolu Cable Car Line is to Decay: The cable car, which was put into operation in 1988 to transport the copper from the mountains to İnebolu Port and can only be used for 2 years, has been hanging for 25 years.

In the district of İnebolu in Kastamonu, the var-gel system used to transport the mines removed between the mines and the copper mines in the Küre mountains was abandoned to the fate of the 25 years ago, due to the transition to truck transportation in 1988 years ago.
The 1988 ropeway, which was put into operation in 2 for the move to the port of Inebolu, has been hanging over the 25 years.
Only used 2 years
The cable car, which was established to carry the copper, which was removed from the mines in the 1988, over the Küre Mountains with its forest and rugged terrain at the time of Eti Bakır Küre Facilities in the public sector, extends over the 22 kilometers from the villages, trees and highways of İnebolu Port to the Eti Bakır operation.
One of the most important features of the ropeway to reduce the cost was that it was designed to work with zero energy. The weight of the cabins filled with the copper from above, again pulled up the booths vacated in Inebolu Port. However, the cable car, which was used for two years, was suspended in the air when it was decided to transport the mine again with trucks.
For the 25 years, the high-speed cable car cannot be lifted or used for tourism purposes because of the high cost.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:30

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