Uludag cable car line will be in the Hotel Zone during the ski season

Uludag cable car line will be in the Hotel Zone during the ski season: The modern face of the cable car will be opened by Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc. Since the judicial decision is made, the construction in the Sarıalan-hotels Region will be finished by 1 January 2015 without cutting the tree. Teleferik Inc. Gökhan Cumbul, Member of the Board of Directors stated that the construction work for the Hotel Zone would start at the beginning of July and added, gesi The ropeway will be raised slightly. Without damaging the trees in the region, the cabins will pass by. Böl

The cable car, which was built for the purpose of providing transportation between Bursa and Uludağ, has been carrying millions of people to Uludağ so far, and started its passenger trips on June 1963 with its renewed face, with a capacity of 1500 passengers per hour. The official opening ceremony of the ropeway, which serves between 7 and 08.00 every day and eliminates the hassle of waiting with 22.00-person wagons departing at intervals of 19-20 seconds, will be held tomorrow at 8 with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç.

Teleferik Inc. Gökhan Cumbul, a member of the Board of Directors, noted that Teferrüç Sarıalan started to operate without any problems. However, the construction of the hotel will start shortly after the section. Our goal is 1 January 2015 to finish the winter season to train. The cable car is currently going to the 4 bin 500 meters. 4 will go a thousand meters further. In total 8,5 will reach the kilometer. Sarıalan Hotels will be 25 direct. The tree won't be cut. Masts will be raised. The 180 cabinet will be reached when the entire line is active. Sarıalan Hotels between the poles will be planted by helicopter again. We can go up to 1500 passengers per hour. Saat

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe stated that the cable car that provides transportation to Uludağ was renewed after completing its 50th year. Saying that the section was completed until Sarıalan, Mayor Altepe said, “The people of Bursa will make a panoramic journey with the cable cars that will depart every 20 seconds without losing time. The cable car line will be one of the longest lines in the world, reaching the Hotels Region, with a distance of 8,5 kilometers. With 186 cabins, 500 people will be reached per day. It will contribute to Bursa's economy and tourism. It will add a separate synergy. Our goal is to reach the hotels region as soon as possible. We want to overcome obstacles as soon as possible. We will reach the judicial decision in the Hotels region without any trouble ”.

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