TCDD's Başkentray problem does not end

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, evaluating the elongation of the process concerning the tender of Başkentray, which was made a year ago, said,, We still could not make Başkentray tender. Suburbs do not work, we have trouble, B he said.

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that the specifications of the Başkentray Project tender, which includes the reconstruction of the Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş train lines, were prepared according to European standards. Stating that the tender was held in 25 in April last year with the participation of foreign and domestic companies, Karaman said, aman Some issues may not be clearly explained here, but according to our account, the winner was the Gülermak-Kolin Joint Venture Group. Technical personnel in the Public Procurement Authority also examined it and it was accepted that it was correct, but the court decided that it had some errors. Bunu


Karaman, the court's decision to stop the execution of the tender, Gülermak-Kolin Joint Venture Group after the lowest bid was given to the company that Porr Bau GmbH said. Karaman, said:
İhale I think that the extension of a tender by the technical staff at the Public Procurement Authority is not correct. Tender was made 1 year. We still couldn't make Başkentray tender. Suburbs do not work, we have trouble. We are facing such a situation. If the tender had been finalized, the first phase would be finished. Eğer


Başkentray Project tender, 25 in April last year, domestic and foreign 17 company and business partnership offer offer. The lowest bid in the tender, the 186 million 235 thousand 935 Euro Gülermak-Kolin Joint Venture Group had given. After the application of the Austrian company Porr Bau GmbH, the court decided to stop the execution. The Public Procurement Authority (GCC) decided to keep the Gülermak-Kolin Joint Venture Group out of evaluation. Başkentray tender commission also obeyed the decision of the GCC, Gülermak-Kolin Joint Venture Group out of evaluation. The TCDD Board of Directors approved the decision to award the contract to the Austrian company Porr Bau GmbH.


Thereafter, a further 3 application was made to the JCC. The JCC rejected the appeal of the Gülermak-Kolin Joint Venture Group. The evaluation of the applications of the Public Procurement Authority with the Makyol-Cengiz Joint Venture Group and the Comsa Sa-Açılım-Seza Joint Venture Group is ongoing.


The Ankara-based Başkentray Project, which will make a great contribution to Ankara's urban passenger transportation, incorporates many innovations. With the Başkentray Project planned to be transported annually 36 million passengers, Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Sivas high-speed train projects will be provided in Ankara. The high speed train travel time between Xnumx and 110 in the existing corridor between Ankara and Sincan will be shortened by 19 minutes to 8 minutes.

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