Minister Arslan: 2016 Assessment and 2017 Goals

arslan gnomes
arslan gnomes

“We made a decision from the High Planning Council within the scope of the report prepared on Osmangazi Bridge. As of tomorrow, we are providing a discount of approximately 25 percent on the Osmangazi Bridge and the toll will be 65,65 lira. While we have to raise the fee of approximately 89 TL since the beginning of 2017, on the contrary, we are reducing the fee "

Arslan evaluated the 2016 activities of his Ministry and announced the goals for 2017 at the press conference he held at TCDD Kule Restaurant.

On July 15, Turkey's Fetullahçı Terrorist Organization (feto) Arslan live reminiscent of the coup attempt, claiming the nation's national will in this process all over the world said that a very important lesson. "2016 was a difficult year, it was a year of struggle." Armstrong uses the phrase, Turkey has said it will need to fight the move, and that should continue outside inside.

Arslan of Turkey's development, growth of the country's 2023, 2053, the sine qua non of walking to the 2071 target, transportation, access to facilitate, stated that ensure development without compromising their transport infrastructure projects.

Arslan stated that as the AK Party governments, the amount of investments they have made in the field of transportation, maritime and communication in 14 years is 319 billion 800 million TL, and said, “In 2016, again, it is an indication that we continue investments without interruption and without slowing down, as the ministry, we invested 26,5 billion TL. public side only. Our initial allowance in 2017 is 25 billion 600 million TL, which is well known to everyone. " said.

All projects, aware of the importance of geography in Turkey and Armstrong explained that plans by the right of it, "especially transport are preparing a master plan that will be completed in 2017, this master plan we need our next study, we will be conducting the framework necessary development plans." He spoke in the form.

Logistic master plan to finish the work stating that they are on, the completion of this work, all transport corridors transportation from logistics to the past said.

"We saved 16,8 billion liras through divided ways"

Arslan, who gave information about their works by sectors, continued as follows:

“The money we spend in the highway industry this year is 18 billion 300 million lira. Especially the divided road, which is 6 thousand 100 kilometers, has reached 25 kilometers as of today. In other words, we have added divided roads over 197 thousand kilometers. This year, we continued to work on 19 kilometers of divided roads and in 3 we finished 613 kilometers of divided roads. Thanks to the divided roads, the savings we provide in terms of fuel, time and indirect effects in our country in one year is 2016 billion TL. We have saved almost as much as the investment we made. "The ratio of divided roads to our current network is 917 percent, but when we consider traffic activity, divided roads account for 16,8 percent of total traffic."

Considering the death rate at the accident site, considering the increasing traffic mobility and the number of vehicles, Arslan pointed out that a 62 percent decrease has been achieved, saying, “The death rate, which is 100 per 5,72 million vehicles / kilometer, has dropped to 2,17. Of course, our goals are to bring this further down. " said.

Arslan, 2 thousand 86 miles this year, the hot asphalt, 10 thousand 159 reported that they covered the surface coating.

From Eurasia Tunnel to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

Arslan reminiscent of the offer of the 3,5 km motorway, including the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and its connection roads, costing about $ 215 billion dollars.

Minister Arslan said, “The highway works that will connect Orhangazi to Bursa and İzmir to Kemalpaşa junction are 46 kilometers in total, and we have finished this. I hope we will put this into service in January. We put the Eurasia Tunnel into service on 20 December. This is one of the important projects completed in 2016. " said.

Arslan stated that 346 kilometers of tunnel length has been reached in the highway sector. Arslan stated that they finished 2016-kilometer-long 82 tunnels in 28, and that 92 307-kilometer tunnels are currently underway, and pointed out that one of the most important of these is the Ilgaz Tunnel, which was opened recently. Armstrong, the 11-kilometer length of the tunnel is the longest tunnel stressed that currently in service in Turkey.

Minister Arslan stated that the construction of the 14-kilometer Ovit Tunnel has been completed, the light has been seen, and the hardware works are continuing, and that the construction of the Zigana Tunnel, which will connect Gümüşhane to Trabzon, is ongoing. Arslan said, “In the project, which is the complementary of the Mediterranean Coastal Road between Antalya and Mersin, we continue our work with 23 double tubes, 4 single tubes, 5 viaducts of 340 thousand 15 meters in length. We will shorten it by approximately 26 kilometers. " he spoke.

Armstrong voicing interest in Turkey 520 kilometers length of the bridge, the bridge 2016 as they did 55 kilometers, 65 kilometers long bridge 431 also he said they continue to work.
Pointing out that they planting on highway routes with an environmentally friendly approach, he said, “The afforestation we have done in 14 years is 36 million units. We planted 2016 million 3 thousand trees in 100 alone. " used the expression.

Stating that they inspected 35 million vehicles in land transportation, Arslan stated that they increased the number of inspection stations to 96 and that they would further increase the inspections from now on.

Free market period in the railway sector begins

Arslan stated that the amount of investments they made in the railway sector this year was 6 billion 900 million liras. “In 2017, we foresee an expenditure over the money we spend in the railway sector this year. Our total railway length has reached 12 kilometers as of today and we have increased this line length to 532 kilometers by making 884 kilometers of new signal lines this year. We have increased our electric line length by 5 kilometers of new electric lines to 462 thousand 496 kilometers. We have completely renewed our railway lines, especially around 4 thousand kilometers. ” He spoke in the form.

Ankara High Speed ​​Railway Station, which reminded that they opened the service Arslan, including urban transportation 177 million passengers reported that they carry.

Arslan stated that they have increased the number of logistics centers to 7 in this sector, and that the construction of 5 logistics centers is continuing and they have renewed 390 kilometers of railway lines this year.

Ankara-Izmir, Ankara-Sivas, Bursa-Bilecik High-Speed ​​Train lines also continued to work without expressing the speed of the Arslan, said they did not start to work in these regions.
Arslan stated that they have also completed the Konya-Karaman high-speed train line and that the works to make it electrified and signalized are continuing, and said, “Başkentray has reached 21 percent. The high speed train line between Adana and Mersin has reached 85 percent. " said.

Arslan, Karaman-Eregli-Ulukisla, Adana-Incirlik-Toprakkale high-speed train line began to draw attention to the work, said:

"A project of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Turkey's very caring, in this project we have reached the 85 percent level. Efforts continue to bring suburban lines on the Anatolian and European sides to metro standards and to integrate them with Marmaray. In addition, our work continues on Bakırköy-Bahçelievler-Kirazlı and Sabiha Gökçen-Kaynarca lines in Istanbul. In my opinion, the most important thing we did in the railway sector in 2016 was to separate the infrastructure of railways and transportation, to liberalize the sector as in aviation, to create competition and to pave the way for growth. Hopefully, as of tomorrow, we will have started the practice in which infrastructure and transportation are completely separated from each other, can compete in free market conditions, and new transporters can become actors in this sector. I take this very seriously. "

The aviation industry has grown almost 14-5 times over the last 6, indicating that the number of 35 million passengers has reached to 180 million.

Expressing that the number of passengers transported in the sector was 174 million as of the end of November, Arslan said, “Our initial targets have deviated a little here. "The absence of flights and tourist arrivals was an important factor in this sector, the numbers remained low".

Arslan, Sinop, Çanakkale and Van airports that they have started to work in the new terminal building, they are about to be finished, Karaman and Yozgat airports are in the stage of the project, at the Rize-Artvin regional airport, the 5 group has prequalified and financial proposals will be received in January told.

Explaining that the work at the new airport in Istanbul has reached the level of 42 percent as of today, Arslan said, "In order to open the first phase in the first quarter of 2018, this time, Istanbul new airport construction will continue with approximately 23 thousand employees, not 30 thousand people." He spoke in the form.

"Çamlıca TV and Radio Tower will be completed in 2017"

Arslan stated that the Türksat 4A satellite has a 96 percent occupancy rate and that the production of the first domestic communication satellite 6A has started, and that Türksat 5A and 5B satellites will sign their contracts next year.

Expressing that they started cleaning works in Mogan Lake in Ankara Gölbaşı within the framework of the agreement made with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Arslan said, "When you look at the segment size, the Mogan Lake project will be the largest project in Europe and the second largest in the world." said.

Arslan said that the 415 million liras in the field of communications this year was invested, the last 14 said that the amount of investment made to the sector over the years is 90,3 billion liras. The number of broadband subscribers exceeds 59 million and the number of mobile subscribers is 74,5 million, Arslan noted that the fiber length reaches 284 thousand kilometers.

Minister Arslan stated that the Çamlıca TV and Radio Tower will be completed in June and that the visual pollution will be eliminated here.

Stating that financial offers will be received for the National Public Integrated Data Center, where the feasibility tender is held, Arslan said, “We attach great importance to keeping the data in our country. With the relevant Legislative Decree, we made this sector one of the sectors to which incentives are given. This was an important practice, it was very important for the data to remain in our country, to be evaluated and to obtain results. " He spoke in the form.
Arslan, national and local search engine to continue the work on the project will be developed, he said. Minister Arslan, e-government over the new services for disabled people will also be reported.
Stating that they anticipate 2020G to work in the 5s, Arslan said, "As a country, we continue to work with our stakeholders in the private sector, including the pioneers of 5G." said.

"We will put the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project into service in the first half of 2017"

Arslan said that in 2017, they will build 130 kilometers of divided roads, including 840 kilometers of highways, 860 kilometers of single roads, 12 kilometers of surface treatment, 250 kilometers of bridges and 57 tunnels will be put into service. Expressing that the ongoing works on the Northern Marmara Motorway will be completed in 41 years, Arslan said that offers will be received for the 3 Çanakkale Bridge on January 1915, and that the foundation of this bridge will be laid on March 26.

Explaining that they will take the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project into service in the first half of 2017, Arslan stated that they will complete and put into service at the end of next year at the Ovit Tunnel.

Expressing that they will travel 152 kilometers in the railway sector, Arslan said, “We will increase the number of sets to 6 by purchasing 19 new sets on YHT lines. We will increase High Speed ​​Train flights by 50 percent. Tender processes continue for the purchase of 10 YHT train sets. We will buy 1 YHT Line Test Measurement Train, as construction work continues on many YHT and high speed train lines. We are talking about a study of up to 4 thousand kilometers. The work of the national freight wagon has been completed and now we start mass production. ” he spoke.

Explaining that they have built a High Speed ​​Train Maintenance Complex in Sincan, Arslan said, “An investment of approximately 550 million TL. We will finish it in the first quarter and put it into service. " said.

Giving the good news that the Keçiören metro will be opened on January 5th with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, Arslan said, "In the words of our Prime Minister, lovers should find a new symbol if they want their love to last long." found the assessment.
Expressing that the construction of the metro line that will connect Gayrettepe to the new airport will begin, Arslan said that the new airport HalkalıHe said that they will also make the tender of the subway that will connect to the existing line in.

Arslan stated that the toll for cars on the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be 11,95 lira.

"We will remove the Fair Usage Quota in 2018"

Explaining that they are working on the termination of unsolicited subscriptions on the Internet, Arslan noted that they made important arrangements regarding the Fair Usage Quota and Point, and that they will completely remove it in 2018.

Arslan said that cyber security is very important and they have given sanction powers to the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) in order to take the necessary measures in this regard. Explaining that BTK followed all institutions and organizations 7/24 and warned, Arslan said, “However, when the other party did not take action on this issue, BTK had no sanction authority. In this sense, we could have difficulties. We gave the BTK legal authority to give this sanction right. " he spoke.

Explaining that BTK supports the field of cyber security, Arslan said that the institution will recruit personnel for cyber security, and at the same time, it will gather people trained in this field on a platform and benefit from their information.

"We provide approximately 25 percent discount on Osmangazi Bridge"

Reminding that the Osmangazi Bridge was put into service on June 30, Minister Arslan continued as follows:

“There is a guarantee on this project. We are criticized from time to time because of this. These projects are not made for vehicle owners passing the project. They do transportation to facilitate access, but they create additional added value to our country by expanding the industry, economy and industry, especially in their region. We care more about these side effects. Fuel and time savings are very important. When the Istanbul-Izmir Motorway is completely finished, the vehicle traffic we expect from Osmangazi Bridge is 40 thousand. Why is that? Because it is our expectation to facilitate the lives of approximately 25 million people living in that region, to increase their trade and to create their own vehicle traffic. As everyone knows, we have completed more than 100 kilometers by the end of this year, but 284 kilometers will be completed by the end of 2018. It will have created its main traffic then. If you also consider the Çanakkale and Yavuz Sultan Selim bridges, it will create additional traffic with the ring it will create. Therefore, we are aware of this, that our people can travel more comfortably, do not waste fuel by wandering around the gulf, contribute to the national economy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions… When we do all these, we have worked on the Osmangazi Bridge for a long time, a report has been prepared. Within the scope of the report, we made a decision from the High Planning Council. As of tomorrow, we are providing a discount of about 25 percent on the Osmangazi Bridge and the fee will be 65,65 lira. While we have to raise the fee of approximately 89 TL since the beginning of 2017, on the contrary, we are reducing the fee. We are driving three things here; If you consider the encouragement of the use of the bridge, more importantly, the fuel consumption of our citizens by wandering around the bay, the wear of their vehicles, the risk they take, we will make the life of the citizen easier. "

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