TCDD Strike stopped all trains (PRIVATE NEWS)

TCDD strike is a crime - TCDD Strike Statement: According to the article sent by TCDD to all departments on 1.4.2013, it is a crime for the unions to stop the trains on the April 16 strike!

Some of our union by 31 March- 02 April 2013 between Edirne, Istanbul, Kars, Samsun, Van, Izmir walk will start from the provincial and press releases actions 16 April 2013 history in Turkey were hearings will be made public in the walkout.

Article 26 of the Civil Servants Law includes the provision that "It is forbidden for civil servants to withdraw from the civil service intentionally or not to come to their duty, or to take actions and actions that will result in slowing or disrupting the state services and works".

Accordingly, on the dates specified, all personnel in the position of manager and supervisor, in order to prevent our citizens to take the necessary measures under the legislation, and I would like to prevent the disruption of the services.

İsmail Duman - TCDD Deputy General Manager

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