Railroad workers strike today (Video)

Railroad workers strike today
Railway employees today dropped all business in Turkey. Workers, the privatization of the TCDD, the bill demanding the withdrawal of the bill, while the TCDD 'unfair' by finding the operation will not interrupt, announced.

railway workers strike today in Turkey ... Turkey State Railways (TCDD), thousands of protesting the draft law envisages the privatization of railway workers launched action to leave a day job. Workers protesting the Draft Law on the Liberation of Railways want the bill to be withdrawn.


Yavuz Demirkol, the chairman of the Unions of Unions Transport Association, claimed that the project aimed to privatize the railways under the name of liberalization and to give the private sector a monopoly.


TCDD made a statement on the website after the decision of the strike. Criticizing the action by saying 'no legal basis and justified reason', TCDD announced that it will do its best to prevent the train operation. TCDD also defended the draft law, declaring that unions offer unfounded grounds such as 'railways are privatized, employees are being victimized, railways are being taken to global capital'.

Source : www.aksam.com.t is

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