Life Stops In Adana Station (Photo Gallery)

Life Stopped in Adana Station
Turkey then be sent to the Parliament the draft law on the liberalization of rail transport, railway employees because of the strike that began in Adana Railway Station in most of the trains experienced delays.

The 9 union, led by the United Transport Workers Union (BTS) and Turkish Transport-Sen, began a strike, arguing that the draft law on the liberalization of rail transport would lead to privatization. As in all over the country, the railway workers in Adana continued to work at the 00.00 in the morning. Because of the strike, most of the trains between Latakia, Adana, Yenice, Tarsus and Mersin disrupted. While life was stopped at the Adana Railway Station, some citizens who did not know about the work-stopping action, preferred to find other means of transportation after waiting for a while.

The President of the BTS Adana Branch Tonguç Özkan, who made a statement about the strike, stated that they were doing 1 day-to-day work to warn the government about the privatization. The maneuvering service in Adana and Mersin stopped completely. This action also in Turkey, we continue to maintain as much as we can, "he said. Ozkan, the strike will continue until the 00.00 hours said.

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