Malatya Wagon Factory Will Not Be Open Prison

Malatya Wagon Factory Will Not Be Open Prison
AK Party Akçadağ District Presidency after meeting with the party members Akçadağ Kaymakamı Ramazan Kılıç'i after visiting party with Taşevler, Taşolar Esenbey, Kolköy and Kayadibi Village went to.

Öznur Çalık mentioned Akçadağ and Akçadağ's services in his speech at the Akçadağ District Presidency and stated that Akçadağ had made great investments.

. Akçadağ has made a great distance by taking very important investments during the AK Party government period. Akçadağ cultural center is a very important issue for Akçadağlılar and us. Although we made money last year, we couldn't make a point about it. But as a whole, everyone says only one thing; Construction of a cultural house in Akçadağ. As a result of the interviews we made at the ministerial level and based on the available data, we said that the existing cultural center should be demolished. Finally, as a result of the work of the Governorship and Special Provincial Administration, we made the demolition decision and we sent this decision to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism about 3 weeks ago. After the approval of the Ministry, we will give Akçadağ a new cultural center.

Çalık also touched upon the prison in Akçadağ and criticized the attitude of the opposition. 'The opposition says it has returned; 'You think you're investing here when it comes to prison'. Your mind is not enough, we are fighting for human rights. Every man can make mistakes, commit crimes. However, he should not have been subjected to inhuman treatment after he fell into prison. The state is obliged to provide all kinds of physical conditions. We are doing it for 10 years as the AK Party power. For Malatya, we are obliged to do so to ensure that our citizens in prison stay in better conditions.

We will improve the conditions of prisons, but we will do something else. You know, now the gendarmerie is guarding the prisons. After that, the protection of civil servants will be demanded and legal regulations will be made. About two thousand execution officers will be taken for this. These will be taken from Akçadağ, Malatya.

I would like to give more information about Malatya. Hopefully we have decided not to convert the wagon repair factory into open prison. This will be good for Malatya ''

After visiting Akçadağ center, Çalık passed to Taşevler Village and informed the villagers about the pond planned for Taşevs. Çalık, in his speech here, '' the Akçadağ delegation when they came to Ankara Akçadağ'ın and the problems of their villages were conveyed to us. One of the most important of these was the construction of a pond in Taşevler. We also made interventions with our other proxies and the pond to be built in Taşevler Village was invested in 2013 investment program. I hope that our next development, along with the 10 kilometer asphalt, the plan and project of the Tassos, Levent, Esenbey and Kayadıbı districts will be completed and the works are started.

Çalık examined the drinking water project at Taşolar Village and looked at the water reservoir.

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