Malatya New Trambus Line

Malatya New Trambus Line
Malatya Mayor Ahmet Çakır said that they wanted to implement the tram-bus (electric wheel bus with electric current) project in Malatya. Meeting with the press members at the Fırat Meeting Hall in the municipal service building, Mayor Çakır said, “The excessive rise in oil prices causes an increase in transportation charges. It is also known that vehicles using this type of fuel cause great damage to the environment. On this occasion, we have entered into a study on public transportation in Malatya. The team we created on this subject made a research for about a year and determined the most suitable system for public transportation of Malatya as a tram-bus. " said. The establishment costs of the "More Economical than Light Rail" Tram-bus system; Mayor Çakır, who says that it is more economical than the light rail system that has been considered for Malatya for years, said that the preferred range of the Light Rail System occurs when 15 to 20 thousand passengers are transported per hour. However, in Malatya, this number is 4 thousand passengers per hour. Therefore, taking into account the establishment costs, the tram-bus becomes more attractive than the light rail system. ” he spoke.

”Malatya Roads Suitable for Tram-bus“

Population increase in Malatya; Mayor Çakır, who said that the number of buses used in public transportation has increased, said, “However, increasing the number of buses working with the existing oil, high fuel prices and bringing environmental pollution causes some disadvantages. In the report that emerged after the examinations we made before, the issue of reducing the traffic especially in the city emerged. In this context, the teams appointed by the municipality completed their investigations. Alternative public transportation options in the reviews included the metro, light rail, battery powered vehicles and tram-buses. Considering the situation of the roads in Malatya, it was concluded that the most logical of these options is the tram-bus. " said.

X 2 Million TL Per Month ”

When the catheter system of the tram-buses (wires providing electrical current) is installed; Saying that he has the ability to act on all kinds of roads, Mayor Çakır said, “These vehicles have many advantages. In ancient times, metropolitan cities have used this system; situations such as power cuts, faults have led to the abandonment of this type of transportation. However, under the conditions of your day, these technically developed vehicles have become preferred in the cities of various countries around the world. In this system, apart from the city electricity, these vehicles will be supplied with electricity from a separate line. Therefore, this type of transportation will not remain on the road due to a power outage. Infrastructure costs are very low compared to the rail system. It saves 75 percent compared to diesel fuel costs in the currently used buses. Because there are electric vehicles, there is no dependence on the outside; accordingly, there is a stability in terms of costs. Today we cannot predict the fuel after a month. The money that MOTAŞ gives to the fuel for buses in a month is 2 Million TL. "He said. “These Vehicles are Comfortable and Safe” Mayor Çakır, who argues that the roads in Malatya are not suitable for the light rail system, “When the widths, inclines and natural structures of our roads are considered, the light rail system in Malatya makes the impossible and diesel powered vehicles high cost. Again, tram-bus has a stronger climbing ability on inclined roads. Tram-buses are more comfortable and safe on icy roads. The life of these vehicles is twice as much as that of diesel fuel vehicles. Compared to all other public transportation vehicles, the maintenance costs of these vehicles are less than the 40. " said. Where does the line go? The tram-buses that are longer than the 18-meter bellows buses; Mayor Çakır emphasized that the ability of the rear wheels to move in the opposite direction of the front wheels provides great convenience in terms of maneuver. “This system, which can be completed much faster than rail systems; Starting from the Chauffeur School, it will arrive in front of Maşti to Dede Korkut Park. Here, the line will be divided into two and one will go from İnönü Street, Atatürk (Kışla) Street and Mehmet Buyruk Street to Çöknük. The other one will continue from the ring road and go to Çöknük in the direction of Battalgazi Junction. The two lines that connect here will reach to İnönü University via a single line. The education of many students and the construction of a new stadium in İnönü University; it led to the need to reach this line up there. ” used expressions.

”Even if 4 comes to the floor Kat

Stating that three tram-bus models are emphasized for Malatya, Mayor Çakır said, “Since the subject will come to the tender stage, we do not provide information on estimated costs. In the first stage, we are considering buying 20 tram-buses. In the future, we plan to buy 10 more and increase the number to 30. This system will meet the need even if the number of passengers we carry is 4 times the number of passengers. ” said. It was learned that the gathering station of the tram-bus system was located behind the Yimpaş building on the Elazig road and used as the Eastern Garage for a while.

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