Edilon Sedra International Ray Technologies Fair IAF 2013e Attends

📩 27/11/2018 16:04

  1. The International Rail Technologies IAF 2013 Fair will be held in the city of Münster, Germany on May 1, 28-30.

We will share our urban and intercity rail system solutions at the IAF 28 exhibition, which will be held in EDILON SEDRA between 30-2013 May 2013.

We will be happy to welcome you at our EDILON SEDRA booth ...

About Edilon Sedra

Edilon Sedra company operates worldwide in the field of products used in railway infrastructure projects. Edilon Sedra company markets innovative and extremely durable railway parts and systems for train, tram, metro and crane parts.

Edilon Sedra develops, manufactures and markets high-strength rail systems for train, tram, metro and crane tracks. Edilon Sedra is an internationally active company represented in almost all European countries, the Middle East, Far East and North America. Edilon Sedra is an independent subsidiary of the internationally active "James Walker Group" with branches in more than 20 countries.

Edilon Sedra Mission and Vision Points

- Providing bespoke solutions for city transport and railways
- To provide the most advanced Noise & Vibration reducing Materials & System engineering in our R&D laboratory
- To be your partner for Design, Construction and Maintenance projects.
- Applied to last for decades - To produce and supply Proven Products & Technologies

”Urban Infrastructure without Ballast System“

• Excellent Vibration & Noise Isolation
• Very Short Construction Period
• Low Product Life Cost
• Easy Cleaning
• A very well integrated system in urban and urban areas and the possibility of traveling on the line

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