Akçaray's Worships Learn About Saving Measures

Akcarayin learned how to save money
Akcarayin learned how to save money

The citizens of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which is an affiliate of Transportation Paras, received training on saving measures and driving smooth vehicles. The 32 participates in the courses given by the specialist trainers. It was emphasized in the trainings that the vehicle produced its electricity when it was driving, and that the produced electricity was used by another vehicle.


Akçaray became the most preferred transportation choice in Kocaeli by citizens with its quality and service approach. This preference is also important for tram drivers to play an important role. In order to increase the development of patriots, the education provided is another saving issue; It has been explained that tram cars provide excessive electricity consumption in sudden acceleration and they have been given theoretical and practical applications by trainers.


Parents are also informed about the use of smooth vehicles; He also learned that they shouldn't move the acceleration arm faster than usual, how to switch from the shears and the rules that should be considered when entering the curve. TransportationPark, which prepares training specifically for families, provides more comfortable travel for those who use tram cars thanks to the lessons given.


1 Thanks to 2016, the transportation service, which is a public transportation service for the people of Kocaeli, has become a popular and preferred transportation vehicle by 14 tram and 335 bus. Since the day it was founded, the Ulaşım customer-oriented an, örnek guest-oriented man service approach approached the citizens of the transportation drivers and their citizens, because of the exemplary behavior managed to collect the googles.



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