Ispartaray Project
32 Isparta

IspartaRay Project Becomes Real

Feasibility studies were conducted and TCDD General Directorate approved the sub-branch line. TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın and his team came to Isparta. General Manager Apaydın, 1.etap in Isparta Station-SDU, SDU-KYK, 2.etap in Station-OSB-Airport-Land Aviation [more…]

21 Diyarbakir

Children with Autism Enjoy Skiing

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality organized an event at Karacadağ Ski Center for children with autism and semester holiday, benefiting from sports education program within Bilgi House. Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports [more…]

alparslan turkes
45 Manisa

Alparslan Turkes Bridge Interchange Ends

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Yilmaz Gencoglu, Turgutlu Alparslan Türkeş Bridge intersection, which will provide ongoing access to the interchange and the upper intersection studies in the city. Turgutlu'ya a giant [more…]

utikad this year
34 Istanbul

UTIKAD will transform this sector to “Next“

UTİKAD, the International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association, has rolled up its sleeves to shape the future of the sector. UTİKAD Summit in 2018 Summit 2018-UTİKAD, which sheds light on the future of logistics sector with Logistics of the Future [more…]

55 Samsun

Support to Kızılay from SAMULAŞ!

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ organized a blood donation campaign to support the National Safe Blood Supply Program and Türkök Project conducted by the Turkish Red Crescent Samsun Project Transportation to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

countdown to the tour of antalya

Tour Of Antalya Starts Countdown

Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel said that they are trying to spread the awareness that bicycle is the healthiest means of transportation that does not create negative effects such as noise and air pollution to the environment. President Türel, this year [more…]