Ankara metro tender can be canceled (PRIVATE NEWS)

Ankara subway tender can be canceled: Ankara Regional Administrative Court has taken a "stay of execution decision". The court decision included the determination that the winning company did not submit the documents on security and other issues to the commission and nevertheless won the tender.

Chinese CSR Electric Locomotive Company may cancel the wagons to be purchased for the Ankara subway. After the tender, it was claimed that the Chinese company did not even provide documents on the safety of wagons to the tender commission. Companies that determine the company does not provide documents related to the safety of wagons, has brought the matter to the judiciary. The Ankara Regional Administrative Court, which justified the objections, took the decision of ey stopping execution “regarding the tender won by the Chinese CSR Electric and said to the Public Procurement Board. The JCC is expected to cancel the tender from the et legal obligation K.

Tender court was

324 company offered a bid for the 3 subway vehicle purchase bid of the Ankara subway and won the tender for the Chinese CSR Electric Locomotive. 324 wagon Ankara car purchase bid in the subway of the Chinese company's offer was 391 million dollars.

However, claims after the tender changed the fate of the tender. The Spanish Construcciones Y Auxiliar De Ferrocarriles SA took the issue to the Public Procurement Board with the claim that the Chinese CSR Electric had business problems in its vehicles, did not submit the required documents related to security in its file and as such, it would compromise the safety and security of people on the Ankara subway. The JCC said in a controversial decision, bir The tender can be continued K. . This tender should be canceled, ”stated Ekrem Demirtaş.

Construcciones company then took the matter to court. First Ankara 3. He appealed to the Administrative Court, but his request for a stay of execution was rejected. Subsequently, the Ankara Regional Administrative Court applied to k decision to stop the execution Ardından. The court ruled that the firm, which won the tender, did not submit documents on security and other issues to the commission and still won the tender. In this case, the continuation of the tender "claiming that the plaintiff can lead to the loss of power and impossible," the court found that, "the end of the case until the end of the execution of the tender" decided. The court, the Public Procurement Board "Do what you need," he said. It was found out that the Public Procurement Board took the tender again in the days following this decision. The board is expected to cancel the tender in line with the court decision.

The proceedings of the tender show that the documents which the Chinese firm does not offer include ğı complete brake calculations for all brake modes ından which are important for the safety of wagons.

Source: F5 News

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