RAYDER and ARUS's local revolt

RAYDER and ARUS rebellion: RAYDER and ARUS criticize the South Korean Eurotem and the Chinese CSR for failing to fulfill their commitments.

The requirement of complying with the domestic contribution from the international companies participating in the specifications of all the important projects takes place in the world. China Boeing's 7 billion 390 million dollar aircraft purchase agreement has made two important off set condition. One of them was the production of certain parts of the planes locally in China, and the other was the production of Bombardier passenger aircraft in China, jointly with a Chinese company. In large projects in the world, each country brings eri domestic contribution lıy requirement and aims to make “technology transfer Dün.

In this respect, Rayder's reaction to South Korea's partner Eurotem not giving the domestic companies the 800 million dollar job they should give so far, is to replace the 51 in the Ankara Metro project, which is in the specification of the Chinese rail transport system cluster (ARUS) Chinese CRS. to appeal to the Ministry of Transport against the two important “local önemli rebellion and should be accepted as a just response.

RAYDER Vice President Ahmet Gök e-mailed the response of his associations to the 455 person in the title gönder Hyundai Rotem remained in the classroom in domestic production ısı. In the 2006 kurla the Eurotek's not technology in Turkey, light rail vehicles, indicating that the high-speed train sets and high-speed train carriages set up as a domestic and foreign partnership companies for the production of the heavens, the production will initially be made by 35 nativism basis so then that is based on the increase of nativism share but says that the localization rate remains at the 5-10 level. So far, the 983 vehicle sells 1 billion 770 million dollars of revenue, providing the organization does not comply with the rate of localization.

President of ARUS Dr. Burhanettin Guvenc complained that the Chinese company CSR electric Lokomative, who had won the Ankara metro contract to our friend Ibrahim Ekinci, complained that the firm did not fulfill its domestic contribution: mas Although the Chinese company that won the Ankara Metro tender has little to the first delivery date, 51 has contributed it didn't fit until now. The Chinese firm did not meet with the firms in ARUS. The only company they interviewed had no certification, they did not take the excuse and did not take the parts. However, they did not stop by our companies with test problem certification. CSR is not buying domestic. They bring it from China and assemble with MNG in the factory. MNG partnership is considered to be local. We're looking at him how many money they did here. We need input from our industrialists. 51 is the condition of the contracts. Not fulfilled. Yer

500 billion dollars in exports to Turkey that targeted several large international projects in the field of transport up to 2023 years to implement. The targeted investments of these projects are 200 billion dollars. The 120 billion-dollar portion of the 80 is intended to be built by the government with either a build-operate-transfer or public-private partnership. RAYDER and ARUS should be taken seriously by the public us locality us rebellions in the two international tenders in order not to obstruct the requirements of the domestic contribution requirement in the contracts in the coming period.

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