RAYDER and ARUS's indigenous revolt

RAYDER and ARUS' locality rebellion: RAYDER and ARUS criticize South Korean Eurotem and Chinese CSR for not fulfilling their commitments. International companies participating in the specifications of all important projects in the world [moreÔÇŽ]


50 made the bridge in the 20 day

Villagers Built the Bridge in 50 Days, Which the State Didn't Build in 20 Years: With the support of a businessman, the residents of ├çamk├Ây in Almus district of TOKAT built the bridge that they have been trying for 50 years to have the state build. [moreÔÇŽ]

06 Ankara

Katener has become a question: 250 Km

Catenary Question: If it had gone at a speed of 250 km: CHP Istanbul Deputy Dr. Sezgin Tanr─▒kulu said to the Minister of Transport, Elvan, ÔÇťThe travel wire (catanary) will be installed at the entrance of Kocaeli if the train slows down. [moreÔÇŽ]


Tests on New Lines

Test Drives on New Lines: After a long and arduous process, test drives on the lines have finally started. Tram extension started in all neighborhoods at the same time in Eski┼čehir in order to get ready for the elections. [moreÔÇŽ]

Asphalt News

Record paving

Record asphalt paving in Xinjiang: The largest asphalt paving in the history of Xinjiang was carried out. With the cooperation of the Metropolitan Municipality and Sincan Municipality, approximately 5,5 million tons of asphalt will be laid on the streets of Sincan in 2 years. [moreÔÇŽ]



Good News of Cable Car to ├ťnye: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Enver Y─▒lmaz gave the good news that they will build a cable car from Atat├╝rk Park to ├çak─▒rtepe in ├ťnye. In his statement, Mayor Y─▒lmaz said that the road stretching from Atat├╝rk Park to ├çak─▒rtepe [moreÔÇŽ]