Nutrition Advice from the Expert for the Holidays

Nutrition Advice for the Holidays from the Expert
Nutrition Advice from the Expert for the Holidays

Dietician Selin Gürler Durmaz, who works in Gaziemir Municipality, made suggestions about nutrition, cooking methods and storage conditions of the sacrifice meat.

Underlining that the first thing to do to prevent weight gain during the holiday is to start the day with a healthy breakfast and to take a walk 1,5-2 hours after dinner, Dietician Selin Gürler Durmaz gave advice on cooking and storing sacrificial meat. Dietician Selin Gürler Durmaz stated that there is a high risk of transmission of diseases such as tapeworm, anthrax, salmonella and turberculosis from the victims who do not have veterinary control and are not slaughtered under appropriate conditions, and said, “Meat slaughtered on the feast day can be cooked immediately. However, the hardness of the meat of the newly slaughtered animal creates difficulties in both cooking and digestion. Meat should not be consumed without keeping it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. If the meat is to be stored in the freezer, it can be stored in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks, and longer in the freezer. Even if the meat is to be thawed, it should be lowered to the refrigerator section and thawed first, and the thawed meat should be cooked immediately. Boiling, baking and grilling methods should be used as cooking methods. Frying and roasting methods should not be preferred. If roasting is to be done, tail fat should be cooked in its own juice and low heat without adding butter. Since the surface of the meat suddenly becomes solid in high heat, the heat cannot reach the inside of the meat. The outer part of the meat is burned and the juice of the meat is lost. If barbecue is to be made, it should not be cooked so that it becomes charred and too close to the fire.”

Chronic patients beware

Warning to individuals with diabetes, hypertension, gout, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease, Durmaz said, “People with chronic diseases should pay attention to red meat consumption, even if it is a holiday. In addition to containing good quality animal protein, iron, zinc, phosphorus, B group vitamins and vitamin A, red meat is also high in saturated fat and cholesterol in its fatty parts. Even red meat, apart from the visible fat part of the meat, contains 20 percent fat,” he said.

Durmaz, who suggested that salads or vegetable dishes should be consumed along with the sacrificial meat, as vitamin C increases iron absorption, expressed that mineral water, unsweetened tea, herbal tea should be served and consumed instead of fruit juice and acidic drinks during holiday visits. Durmaz said, “Milky dessert can be preferred among desserts, if dessert with syrup is to be eaten, it should not be consumed more than 1 portion. He concluded his words with the suggestion that daily water consumption should be paid attention.

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