Post-Pandemic Excessive Demand May Affect Logistics Processes

Attention to the logistics sector after the pandemic
Attention to the logistics sector after the pandemic

Yekaş Fides Global Logistics CEO Murat Güler pointed out that after the pandemic, with the return of demand, supply and production to normal, problems similar to the container crisis will increase in the logistics sector.

Yekaş Fides Global Logistics CEO Murat Güler noted that with the normalization to be experienced after the corona virus outbreak, vehicle, equipment and personnel problems may also be reflected in road transportation. Reminding that there were delays in logistics processes due to the measures taken throughout the world during the pandemic process, Güler stated that this situation caused serious increases in the costs especially in sea transportation.

Reminding that the delays in the return of the outgoing container in sea transportation tripled the freight prices especially in the Asia-Pacific region, “It is thought that the problems in the logistics sector will decrease after normalization due to the speed of vaccination. However, the excessive intensity that may be experienced due to the acceleration of production and the sudden commissioning of orders also causes concerns. " said. Explaining that households and companies postponed many needs during the pandemic process, investments and consumption slowed down, Güler said that a serious recovery is expected in the economies after normalization.

Güler said, “In a high growth environment, the orientation of this accumulated demand to consumption may cause disruptions in the supply chain. Density may also be reflected in road transport, delaying logistics processes. " warned.

"Lack of vehicles and equipment can also be experienced on the road"

Stating that increasing transportation demands may bring the long truck queues on the roads and border gates again, Güler said: “This chaotic environment may reveal a similar lack of equipment in maritime transportation in land transportation. In this case, logistics companies may find it difficult to keep up with the demand. This may be reflected in import and export unit costs over road freight prices. "

"Plan transportation and storage processes in advance"

Güler called on importers and exporters to plan their production processes, transportation and storage operations in advance in order to minimize all these problems. Drawing attention to the importance of integrated sea and rail transportation by land in international freight transportation, Güler also shared the following views:

“In this context, the widespread use of intermodal and multimodal transportation will minimize the logistics problems that may arise especially in the early stages of the normalization process. Increasing the time of the Ro-Ro and rail in particular Turkey - will shorten the process of cargo transportation between Europe. "

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