What Is Cardboard Box And Where Is It Used?

cardboard packaging
cardboard packaging

Cardboard boxes and packages, the use of which increased during the pandemic period, have become an indispensable part of our lives. The usage areas of cardboard boxes vary according to the needs, and the box models used for storing products or carrying products are produced in different colors and models according to customer demands.

Ready cardboard box It is used in almost all sectors and is generally used in household products, toys, textiles, food and cosmetics. Cardboard boxes produced in different thicknesses and sizes are produced depending on technological developments. In addition, advances in printing technologies have significantly reduced low-volume production costs. Thanks to new technologies, it has been tested that the boxes produced with FSC certified raw materials are highly resistant to moisture. Easily foldable cardboard boxes both reduce storage costs and protect the packaged material against factors such as water and moisture thanks to its high resistance.

How is Cardboard Box Produced?

Before the box models are produced, the general structure of the box is designed and a knife mark is created. The template shows us from which dimensions the box will be cut and folded. After this stage, box printing, box lamination and box cutting processes are performed. It is then folded into a box. At this stage, if requested, inner separators can be added to the boxes. The users must accurately transmit the width x length x height information of the products that they want to place in the box to the manufacturer company. Post-printing effects can also be added to cardboard boxes, which are produced entirely according to capacity demands.

What Are Cardboard Box Models?

Cardboard boxes are preferred by many companies due to their high utility functions. Due to its recyclability, its usage areas are increasing day by day ... For this reason, useful box models are used for different areas:

  • Cylinder Box
  • Divided Kraft Box
  • Colorful Jewelry Box
  • Box with Lid
  • Cardboard Box with Lids
  • Black Cardboard Box
  • Kraft Snap
  • Lahmacun Box
  • Kraft Handy Bag

How to Determine Carton Box Quality?

There are six important factors that determine the carton quality. These are issues that may need to be addressed, perhaps like buying a piece of jewelery. The evaluation criteria of the cardboard are; Weight, Thickness, Brightness, Hardness, Roughness and Moisture. Many companies rightly want to reduce their costs and increase their competitive power. When comparing prices, he should know what he is buying and not confuse apples with pears. For example, the fact that a box has a higher weight of pure cardboard does not mean that it will be thicker and thicker than a lower weight cardboard. Many customers do not actually prefer to print a richly colored box with a lower quality cardboard pale, lifeless. Therefore, these details should be taken into consideration and these factors should be questioned in the purchasing process.

Gift Box Models

Box prices are generally investigated before the box selection is made. As a company, we always act with an affordable service policy and strive to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The most preferred gift box models are flower box and new business gift box models. Thanks to the printing technologies that develop day by day, we offer unique designs to the corporate companies we serve with thousands of color and model options. It is possible to differentiate both the inside and the outside of the boxes by making color prints on metalized papers, opaque labels, thick-weight tracing paper.


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