Chairman of the Commodity Exchange Özdemir D-400 4 on the Road

Chairman of the Commodity Exchange Özdemir D-400 No Progress in 4 Highway on the Road: Mersin Commodity Exchange President Abdullah Özdemir said that there has been no progress since the 400 year, despite promises for the solution of the problems on the D-4 Highway.
Ozdemir, said in a statement, Mersin is among the most intense provinces of road transport, he noted. D-400 that connects Mersin to Adana and the traffic of the truck is concentrated in Mersin Port and its vicinity, Özdemir noted that the number of trucks entering and leaving the port is calculated to be about one thousand 500 per day.
Özdemir pointed out that the D-400 highway can not respond to the need for this intensive use. Milli The problems experienced increase the costs in all related sectors, especially logistics and transportation, causing the loss of the national wealth and the weakness in competition. . From the 2011 year, the related institutions and authorities have been repeatedly prepared for the projects to be addressed, and the Mersin-Khuse Taner Kislali Bridge and Adana Hippodrome D-400 Highway Improvement and Expansion Project are ready. There will be no traffic lights, lower and overpass intersection arrangements will be made, the existing 2 striped road will be 3 strip and secondary roads will be constructed to collect traffic to each 2 side of the road. Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Bridge and Hal-Free zone crossroads will be a single overpass' by making explanations to be solved the problem would be resolved. Despite these explanations and 4 years, there has been no progress in resolving the problem. Bu
Özdemir, D 400 told that they had learned that they started to work on the Adana Ring Road project which started from Hippodrome for the solution of highway problem in Adana and started to investment program of Adana Ring Road project which will pass by surrounding from Adana. Özdemir, said: şöyle As people living in Mersin, our expectations from those concerned; to carry out the project in the investment program by carrying out the necessary studies for the solution of the problem by showing the maximum effort towards the solution. In the first stage, the application between Ahmet Taner Kislali Bridge and highway connection is completed and put into practice as soon as possible and the entire process is completed and put into service. Already, the large central median of the D-400 highway and the areas on the right and left sides are thought to facilitate the implementation of the project. Zaten

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