3 airplane flight between Adana and Doha

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, the relations between Qatar and Turkey that has continued to increase in many areas and further strengthening of ties between the two countries, he said the government and the public.

Minister Arslan, relations between Turkey and Qatar and performed on November 5 spoke about his visit to Doha.

Turkey, in the negotiations on the agreement on road transport, transfer point between Iran and Qatar that ended Arslan, "The route was determined, and the draft treaty text was prepared. Transport and Urban Development Minister Asim Ahun with Iran was in Turkey on October 19, we talked and we clarified that we are agreed on the deal. Later, Qatar's Minister of Transport and Communications, Casim es-Saliti, also met with Minister Ahundi and put forward the same agreement. Finally, we met our es-Saliti in Qatar and stated our agreement on the agreement. Turkey, road transport agreement will soon be signed between Iran and Qatar. " said.

Emphasizing that road transport with Qatar over Iran is of great importance for all three countries due to the crisis in Syria and Iraq, Arslan stated that this project will be integrated in maritime transport after the agreement is signed.

“There will be 3 flights a week between Adana and Doha”

Minister Arslan pointed out that in the field of aviation, both Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airlines have become global brands and that these two companies should join forces by collaborating. Arslan said, “New collaborations in the field of aviation will provide important opportunities for both countries. After the first flight on November 6, there will be 3 flights per week between Adana and Doha. All these developments will be instrumental in adding new ones to Turkish companies operating in Qatar. We had previously made a maritime agreement with Qatar. We also discussed the development of the work of subcommittees on this. ” he spoke.

Numerous Arslan expressed that they were pleased with the investment in Qatari companies in Turkey, also he said that in this project is a partner Qatari companies in the last days of the signing of the domestic automobile project located in the BMC company in Turkey.

"Turkey, 2020 World Postal Union term president"

Turkey's 2020 World Postal Union term president stated that Armstrong, developments in the sector they followed along with Qatar, in order to benefit more from the potential in the region said they are in talks about e-commerce.

Stating that he invited his Qatar counterpart, Casim es-Saliti, to the "International E-Commerce Conference" to be held in Antalya on 20-21 November, Minister Arslan said, "The issue of e-commerce is a particularly developing but rapidly growing area. Mr. Minister stated that he would gladly come to our invitation. We will take e-commerce to a higher level with the negotiations to be held in the coming days, as in the field of post office between the two countries. ” said.

Minister Arslan's Qatar contacts

Salit and his delegation in the meeting, in the field of transportation and communication, and what to do, free trade agreement and combined transport agreement noted that addressing issues Arslan, Qatar said about the contacts:

"Turkey and other countries in the region for critical and ports in Turkey, with direct connections to the Port We visited the Hamad. Our products come from Turkey will be distributed out of the harbor. There is a subway in Doha and there are studies especially on improving the railway infrastructure. As a country, we have made great progress in this regard. We share our experiences on railway with our Qatar friends. We conveyed that we can cooperate on railway and provide them with training related to the railway sector. We have stated that our country, which has great experience in the fields of shipyards, shipbuilding and ship maintenance as well as railways, can transfer this experience to Qatar. ”

Minister Arslan, of 15 July coup attempt during and Cyprus, Qatar's necessary management required when transferring they thanked the stance over Turkey with the people, "Qatar is likewise Gulf during the crisis, particularly Mr. President, both posture of our Minister of Foreign Affairs Prime Minister and Mr. Mr. and He thanked us for the sincerity and support of Qatar and the region for getting rid of this crisis. ” used expressions.

Emphasizing that there are very good relations between the two countries, Arslan said, “The third High Strategy Meeting will be held between the two countries soon with the participation of our President. In order to prepare for that meeting, we did a study of two ministers and calendared our work. ” he spoke.

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