camlica tower turkey pride on the world, on the example of a project
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Camlica Tower pride for Turkey, a Project Example for the World

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, visited Çamlıca Tower. Reminding that the last preparations were made, Karaismailoğlu made important statements. Karaismailoğlu, reminding that the finishing touches were made on the tower, served the whole world as the work of Turkish engineers and young people of Çamlıca Tower. [more…]

Increased the use of new regular ferryboats in Izdeniz
35 Izmir

New Order Increased Use of Ferry in İZDENİZ

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's IZDENIZ General Directorate's new voyage scheme, which has been implemented since February 1, has increased the use of ferryboats. The number of vehicles transported by ferry in the first 15 days increased by 19,5 percent compared to the same period of the previous month. Pandemic [more…]

pkkya eren operations coup
04 Pain

PKK Operations Coup

While the winter base of the terrorist organization PKK was destroyed in the Eren Operations, which were carried out in 10 different regions under the coordination of the Ministry of Interior, the logistics structure of the organization was hit heavily. Dedicated to the memory of Eren Bulbul martyred by the separatist terrorist organization [more…]

Vaccination request for tourism workers
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Vaccine Request for Tourism Workers

MUTSO President Mustafa Ercan stated that Muğla's economy is one of the cities affected by the pandemic and demanded vaccination priority for tourism employees. Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MUTSO) President Mustafa Ercan said, “A year that can be considered as non-existent in tourism due to the pandemic. [more…]

pandemic process reduced sexual desire

Pandemic Process Reduced Sexual Desire

The reasons such as being in the same house during the pandemic process, getting into the routine of life, increasing the need for private space and decreasing personal care decreased the sexual interest between the partners. Sexual communication is of great importance for a healthy and happy sexual life [more…]

New decision within the scope of covid measures for ergan ski resort
24 Erzincan

New Decisions Under Covid-19 Measures for Ergan Ski Center

Within the scope of the corona virus (Covid-19) measures for the Ergan Ski Center in Erzincan, the Provincial General Hygiene Council convened under the chairmanship of the Governor Mehmet Makas in accordance with Article 1593 of the Public Health Law No. 26. Taken in the statement made by the governorship [more…]

Pay attention to these to stay safe in the clubhouse

Beware Of These To Stay Safe In The Clubhouse!

The voice-driven social network Clubhouse continues to attract users from all over the world. Keepnet Labs warns users not to let go of caution against the illusion of trust created by the application. Occurring during the period of closure to homes due to the epidemic [more…]

Support for body immunity from the Anatolian lands

Support for Body Immunity from Anatolian Soils

It is possible to keep the immune system strong with a few minor changes in the meals these days, when the cold weather affects the whole country and the winter season is overwhelming. An indispensable part of the tables and especially an important food in Turkish society [more…]

Health tourism attack despite the pandemic

Health Tourism Attack From TRNC Despite Pandemic

"Synovial conomatosis" and "Pigmented Nodular synovitis" Patients with rare joint diseases such as going to the TRNC from Turkey for treatment. "Synovial conomatosis" and "Pigmented Nodular synovitis" As the patients with a rare joint disease treatment from Turkey to TRNC [more…]