moist mask loses its protection completely

Moist Mask Completely Loses Its Protection

Due to the coronavirus, the mask has become a part of our lives. However, we are experiencing problems with the right mask selection and the accompanying mask allergy, the use of masks in winter. What should be considered in choosing the right mask? Causes of mask allergy [more…]

kartepe cable car tender was canceled
41 Kocaeli

Kartepe Cable Car Tender Canceled

The first step for the ropeway project, which will start from Kartepe Derbent region and reach the Kuzu Yayla region, was to be taken with the tender to be held on Friday, February 26. However, in the announcement made by EKAP, it was learned that the tender was canceled. 10.02. Approved on 2021, 26.02.2021 10:30 [more…]

The attention of the driver in Antalya prevented the possible disaster
07 Antalya

Driver's Attention Prevented Possible Disaster in Antalya

Emre Dirican, who was a driver of the city buses of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, extinguished the fire that broke out in a house during the flight by intervening with the fire tube on his bus. Emre, an in-city public transportation driver at Transportation Inc., an affiliate of the Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

samsun tram services not affected by snow
55 Samsun

Tram Expeditions in Samsun Were Not Affected by Snow

The snowfall, which was effective in Samsun, did not cause any disruption in tram services. Citizens turned to public transportation due to heavy snowfall. SAMULAŞ teams prevented the passengers from suffering by keeping the flights open with all the precautions they took from the night. Last night [more…]

the importance of port railway connections
41 Kocaeli

Importance of Port Railway Connections

Product costs must be low in order for Turkish industrialists to compete with the world. The factors affecting the product cost are not limited to the costs within the production facility. We have no chance to compete with foreign countries in the industry without reducing shipping costs. [more…]

Cleaning tips for pet owners
371 Latvia

Private Lounge Operator Primeclass Receives 5 Stars

Primeclass, the brand of TAV Operations Services, a subsidiary of TAV Airports, became the first independent private passenger lounge operator to receive 19 stars from Skytrax within the scope of COVID-5 measures. The lounges located in Muscat and Riga airports operated by Primeclass, can meet more than 150 criteria. [more…]

Drinking water networks targeted by hackers
1 America

Drinking Water Networks Targeted by Hackers

Cyber ​​attackers began attacking drinking water networks after industrial facilities, hospitals and public institutions. In the city of Oldsmar, Florida, United States, a hacker penetrated the water supply network that supplies drinking water to the public, and [more…]

In the sensor sector, it is necessary to close the past
34 Istanbul

Need to Close the Gap of the Past in the Sensor Industry

Providing information on sensors at Industry Radio, Istanbul Sensors, Sensing Devices Product Manager Serhan Ahmet Çolak evaluated the sector. Speaking to Industry Radio, Istanbul Sensors and Sensing Devices Product Manager Serhan Ahmet Çolak made statements about the sector. In production, industry [more…]

The works for the myrns around the road continue uninterruptedly
33 Mersin

Work Continuously Continues for Mersin 4th Ring Road

The teams are working non-stop for the 4th Ring Road, which has an important place in the road construction works carried out by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality for the needs of the city. The part between Vali Hüseyin Aksoy Caddesi-İsmet İnönü Boulevard and the 32nd Street-Nevit Kodallı Caddesi [more…]

Get a good night's sleep for solid immunity

A Good Night's Sleep is Essential for Solid Immunity!

Emphasizing the importance of getting a night's sleep in order to protect and strengthen the immune system during the pandemic period, experts recommend a good night sleep. Drawing attention to the fact that working from home changes many habits, experts, in order to get a healthy night sleep [more…]