Vaccine Request for Tourism Workers

Vaccination request for tourism workers
Vaccination request for tourism workers

MUTSO President Mustafa Ercan stated that Muğla economy is one of the cities affected by the pandemic and demanded vaccination priority for tourism employees.

Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MUTSO) President Mustafa Ercan said, “We had a year that could be considered as non-existent in tourism due to the pandemic” and demanded vaccination priority for tourism employees while preparing for the new season.

Mugla one of the first cities known for our incoming tourism in Turkey. Muğla, which hosts more than 3 million tourists every year, has been one of the provinces that have been hit economically during the pandemic process. Muğla Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MUTSO) President Mustafa Ercan asked tourism workers to be given priority in COVID-19 vaccine before the new season.

Economic Journalists Association (EGD) organized by the "Turkey Economy Speaks" online event series, the guest of Mutso Chairman Mustafa Ercan, the status of the tourism sector was summed up: "We have left behind a year that can be considered in the provision does not tourism. Muğla, which hosts over 3 million tourists every year, has been hit hard in its most important sector due to the pandemic. As we prepare for a new season, we demand vaccination priority for our tourism employees. "

Ercan answered the questions at the meeting moderated by EGD President Celal Toprak and EGD Board Member Mehmet Uluğtürkan and drew attention to the potential of Muğla in agriculture, mining and fishing as well as tourism. Stating that one of the most important sectors of the Muğla economy after tourism is the marble, natural stone and mining sector, Muğla TSO President Mustafa Ercan said, “We are experiencing serious problems with forest management. By extracting our underground mines, we want to contribute to the exports of our country, the employment of the unemployed, and our exports reaching approximately 600 million dollars as Muğla. However, our requests for leave, which have not been finalized for 4 years despite the application, are not responded. Both are losing our city and Turkey. "The area we demand for mining in our city, 67 percent of which is forest, does not reach XNUMX percent."


Emphasizing that the export of Anatolian marble as logs, especially the "Muğla White Marble", for which they received the geographical sign last year, should be banned, Ercan said, "We have a very special marble that is used on the roads of ancient cities for sculptures and that never goes out of fashion in the world with its color and pattern. By processing this value and creating added value, we bring the wealth to our country. kazanshould be removed. Realizing 1,7 percent of Turkey's marble exports of 12 billion dollars, Muğla exports the marble we process to all over the world. Barriers to production in this regard should be removed.”


Muğla Commodity Exchange (MTB) President Hurşit Öztürk also stated that Muğla's developed province status is due to the tourism revenues of districts such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Datça, Dalaman and Fethiye. kazanHe drew attention to the fact that it was a handicap but that it was a handicap. Expressing that their cities could not benefit from any incentives given due to this situation, Öztürk emphasized that if the problems are resolved, Muğla has potential in many fields from citrus and fresh fruit and vegetable production to pine honey.

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