Coal-Loaded Train Derails, 25 Wagons Come Together in Russia

In Russia, the train derailed, the wagon got into each other
In Russia, the train derailed, the wagon got into each other

A coal-laden train with about 50 wagons derailed in the city of Skovorodinsky in Amur Oblast, Russia. In the accident, 25 wagons of the coal-laden train derailed. Railway transportation was stopped at the crash site, which returned to the battlefield.

While there were no casualties and injuries related to the accident, material damage occurred. The train, which had approximately 25 tons of cargo in each of the wagons, hit each other as a result of the derailment of the middle wagons.

Railway transportation in the area was completely stopped due to the accident. Work has been initiated to remove the wagons from the railway line. Regional officials stated that train services could not be made for a long time as the railway line and electricity lines were damaged after the accident.

It was stated that the mechanic and railway workers were not injured in the accident, and in the statement made by the Russian Investigation Committee, it was reported that a large-scale investigation was launched into the accident.

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