Pay attention to oral care in those with braces

Pay attention to oral care in those with dental braces
Pay attention to oral care in those with dental braces

The President of the Global Dentistry Association, Dentist Zafer Kazak, stated that besides the issues to be considered while eating in the treatment of braces, which is a difficult treatment process, there are also things to be considered when performing oral care, and gave important information on the subject.

Zafer Kazak, who warns about the points to be considered in oral care for those who have braces, said, “Cleaning the braces is important to avoid problems that may occur with caries and inflammations. The most important issue in braces care is how and with which brush the teeth will be brushed. People who have braces should perform this process regularly and with the right brush. On the contrary, if they do not pay attention and avoid brushing, bacteria in uncleaned teeth settle around the brackets, accumulate and cause tartar, ”he said.
Scrub brushes can break the brackets

Stating that it is necessary to always have a toothbrush, Dt. Kazak said, “The oral care of those who have braces will speed up the process of their treatment. For those who wear braces, more food residue can accumulate between the braces and the teeth and gums. For example, it is necessary to use an interdental brush to clean a wire that is inserted inside, and it is necessary to clean using a grooved brush specially prepared for this task. It is very important to clean the interdental wires using small interdental brushes. The brushes recommended for braces cleaning are generally very fibrous and will not damage the brackets. These brushes make it easy to clean by getting between the brackets. Hard brushes are a very wrong choice at this point. Use of scrub brushes may break the brackets.

Avoid foods that will damage the braces

Stating that the thin brush that can reach between the braces is the interface brush, Kazak said, “It is possible to reach the places between the brackets and braces that normal brushes cannot reach with this thin brush. Another issue in braces cleaning is the use of fluoride paste. Fluoride paste has the ability to strengthen teeth. Brushing time should be in the range of at least 4-5 minutes. In addition to the paste, it is possible to increase the cleaning by gargling with mouthwashes. One thing that should not be forgotten while performing oral care is the use of dental floss. A special end designed to be used in braces at least once a day should be used with a hard floss. It will also damage the braces and brackets; Hard shell foods, sticky caramel, sugary foods, etc. should be avoided.

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