Suicidal signs should be read correctly

Suicide Signs Should Be Read Correctly!

Indicating that identifying signs indicating that an individual may commit suicide or a tendency to commit suicide plays a key role in preventing suicide, experts emphasize that these signs should be considered in a timely manner. The vast majority of people who commit suicide have an identifiable mental [more…]

off road enthusiasts meet in afyonkarahisar
03 Afyonkarahisar

Off-Road Enthusiasts Meet in Afyonkarahisar

off-road enthusiasts living in different cities of Turkey, will meet in Afyonkarahisar 28 February-2 March. Afyonkarahisar, which attracts the attention of adrenaline and adventure enthusiasts as a base for health, sports and motor sports as well as thermal tourism, [more…]

army still water sports center project progressing rapidly
52 Army

Ordu Stagnant Water Sports Center Project Moves Fast

In order to benefit more from the sea in Ordu, Metropolitan Mayor Dr. The Stagnant Water Sports Center project, which started its work with the initiatives of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, is progressing rapidly. In an area of ​​1.100 meters in total, located next to Ordu-Giresun Airport in Gülyalı district [more…]

Unye port will change the fate of the region
52 Army

Ünye Port Will Change the Fate of the Region

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its works at Ünye Port, which will provide convenience at the point of export to the Black Sea countries and Turkic Republics. President Dr. Under the leadership of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, it is bigger than the 6 country ports that have borders with the Black Sea and [more…]

Traffic signs are handled one by one in Alanya
07 Antalya

Traffic Signs Are Passed One by One in Alanya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Traffic Branch Directorate Alanya teams are working on plate renewal and assembly for safe transportation in the center and rural neighborhoods. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Traffic Branch Directorate Alanya signaling and sign teams, next to the city center [more…]

The road will be closed for the Kocaeli City Hospital tram line
41 Kocaeli

Road to be Closed for Kocaeli City Hospital Tram Line

Studies continue by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to facilitate access to the Kocaeli City Hospital, which will serve the region when it is opened. The first digging for the Kocaeli City Hospital Tramline construction work to be carried out in this context is 10 February 2021. [more…]

The most effective step in combating obesity

7 Most Effective Steps to Fight Obesity

Yayla Agro Healthy Nutrition Department Dietician Nihal Tunçer made a statement as part of February 10, World Pulses Day; Suggests a diet rich in legumes rich in vegetable protein and an active lifestyle to combat obesity. Obesity, contagious [more…]

Pay attention to frequent eye number changes in the age group with

Attention to Frequent Eye Size Change in 10-20 Years!

Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease that occurs between the ages of 10 and 20 and is usually characterized by a continuous change in degrees of myopia or astigmatism. Drawing attention to the fact that the disease can often be perceived as a simple change in eye number and not noticed, Anadolu [more…]

post-covid complications pose a risk

Post-Covid-19 Complications Are Risky

Koru Hospital General Manager Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Dr. Ali Özön pointed out that the Covid-19 virus also damages many other organs such as the heart and brain, as well as the lungs. Long-term health issues of damage [more…]

MeO turkey champions became clear red bull

MEO Turkey Red Bull Champions Announced

The world's most competitive mobile games arena champions Red Bull MEO TFT game Hearthstone and Turkey were announced. Turkey's Red Bull, which is open to participation from all over the online finals after MeO 'Cabixo' at Hearthstone, 'Overrated' 'and' 'Fujitor to' [more…]

Prolonged covid increases the risk of stroke

Prolonged Covid Increases the Risk of Stroke

A new one is added every day to the information about the effects of Covid-19 infection on our body. It is now known that the virus, which attracted attention with its damage on the respiratory system at first, also affects the nervous system, causing an increase in fatal risks such as stroke. This [more…]