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Most Popular ISO Quality Certificates

We have listed the ones that stand out among the ISO quality certificates and have considerable application figures that can be considered popular. Before deciding which iso document to buy with this article, you may want to take a look at generally available standards. [more…]

Velo Alanya MTB Cup Race Held
07 Antalya

Velo Alanya MTB Cup Race Held

Velo Alanya MTB Cup Race was held in the Ministry of Forestry Research Station opposite Incekum Forest Camp with the participation of 84 athletes. In the İncekum Velo Alanya MTB Cup race, the athletes cycled 4,7 km. Bar End Giant Van for young men [more…]

public transport free to mourning
16 Bursa

Public Transport Free for 65 Years Old

Within the scope of the fight against the pandemic, the public transportation restriction, which has been imposed on citizens over the age of 65 since December, with the Presidential decree, has been lifted as of Monday due to the start of the vaccination schedule. With the Presidential decree of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality transportation company Burulaş [more…]

Kilograms of honey was seized at the Sarp Gumruk Gate
08 Artvin

480 Kilograms of Illegal Honey Seized at Sarp Customs Gate

In the operation carried out by the Customs Enforcement Team of the Ministry of Commerce at the Sarp Customs Gate, 480 kilograms of honey were seized, which was intended to be stored in a vehicle's gas tank and brought into the country. A vehicle with a foreign plate coming from Georgia to the Sarp Customs Gate, the result of the analysis [more…]

What is stilex cream, where is it used, what is it good for jpg copy

What Is Stilex Gel Cream Used For?

Stilex gel cream, a cream that can be used only with the recommendation of a doctor, is used in painful sages and rashes and wounds caused by fly and insect bites. Stilex gel cream, which can be used for several reasons, usually from mosquito bites or bugs. [more…]

mentalup has been played a million times during the half year break

MentalUP Played 5,5 Million Times in the Half Year Holiday

The gamified education platform MentalUP, in which Türk Telekom is a partner, became the primary choice of children during the half-year break. MentalUp's mental-enhancing and reliable games were played 5,5 million times during the three-week vacation. A pioneer in the digital transformation of Turkey Turkey [more…]

Try to understand the feelings of the children

Try to Understand Children's Feelings

The semester break ends on Monday, February 15th. While some children are excitedly waiting for the schools to open, others may develop anxiety. The semester break ends on Monday, February 15th. While some children are excitedly waiting for the schools to open, some [more…]

effective solution to the fog problem of those who use glasses

Effective Solution for Eyeglass Wearers

In addition to the high-tech glasses it has developed, Seiko Optik brings the best vision performance to its users with products that will maximize user comfort. The 'Anti-Fog cloth', which is a solution to the fogging problem of the glasses wearer, [more…]

the rule for those with permanent pacemakers

8 Rules That Permanent Pacemakers Should Follow

Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. İbrahim Baran explained that there are 8 rules that those with permanent pacemakers must follow. Permanent pacemakers are electronic devices that create and regulate the rhythm of the heart and can deliver a shock to the heart when necessary. The first batteries to come out [more…]

samsung galaxy s series turkiyede in sales

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Sales in Turkey

Samsung has developed with the latest technology, the new Galaxy camera features with legendary S21, S21 Ultra Series 5G members Galaxy, the Galaxy and the Galaxy S21, S5 + 21G 5G, was offered for sale as of today in Turkey. Samsung Electronics' smartphone users themselves [more…]