There are hundreds of positive developments in breast cancer treatment

Facial Developments in Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the world! It is also the second among cancers that cause death. Especially in Western societies (EU countries, USA), breast cancer is seen in approximately one in every 8 women. “In terms of protection from breast cancer; weak [more…]

Time to buy a sportage with zero interest from the kia

Time to Buy a Sportage with Zero Interest from KIA

KIA, the brand of Çelik Motor, one of the Anadolu Group companies, offers convenience to those who want to own a car with a special campaign prepared for February. KIA has a 100-month 12 percent interest advantage for 0 thousand TL on the Sportage and XCeed models exclusive to February [more…]

Architects and Engineers May Also Be Mufettis in DHMI
06 Ankara

Architects and Engineers Can Also Be Inspectors at DHMİ

DHMİ General Directorate Inspection Board Regulation was amended. The new regulation entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated 03.02.2021 and numbered 31384. With the amendment made, in addition to making the necessary updates in accordance with Presidential Decrees and other relevant legislation, the engineer [more…]

tohma bridge is opening tomorrow
44 Malatya

Tohma Bridge Opens Tomorrow

The 517,5-meter-long Tohma Bridge, located in a strategically important position on the Sivas highway, Karakaya Dam, will open on Saturday, February 6. The Tohma bridge also has strategic importance. The bridge whose construction has been completed by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure [more…]

Children in the Army Will Meet Skiing
52 Army

Children Will Meet Skiing in Ordu

Children living in Ordu are introduced to skiing by the Metropolitan Municipality. Children will be given free ski training at Doğa Facilities located in Çambaşı Plateau in Kababüz district, which is operated by the Metropolitan Municipality, and they will be provided with skiing sports. They will both learn and have fun Metropolitan [more…]

unye bike path progresses fast
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Ünye Bicycle Road Moves Fast

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented alternative transportation routes throughout the province, continues to work on the Bicycle and Walkway Project, which it started in Ünye district. Metropolitan Municipality, which wants to create a healthy city profile and spread sports activities in the city, [more…]

The lower passages will smell of history in Trabzon
61 Trabzon

Underpasses in Trabzon Will Smell History

The underpass, which has not been maintained for many years, in the Beşirli neighborhood of Ortahisar district of Trabzon, has been made brand new by removing bad odors and dirt. The walls of the underpass, which was renewed by the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, were deleted, [more…]

prestige sx from temsa to assist tourism
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17 Prestige SX from TEMSA to Asist Turizm

Asist Turizm, which provides services in the field of VIP transfer and car rental in Bodrum, added 17 more 2021 model Prestij SX to its vehicle fleet consisting of TEMSA. The sales of the vehicles were carried out by TEMSA dealer Antalya Auto. Asist Tourism's new purchase [more…]

flash development in bursa fast train project
16 Bursa

Flash Development in Bursa High Speed ​​Train Project

Olay Newspaper Writer Ahmet Emin Yılmaz, carried the first construction site established in Bursa and its details to its present corner in the high-speed train project… Yılmaz used the following statements in his corner: For some reason… The high-speed train project, which Bursa has been waiting with great patience and longing, has been since December 2012, when its foundations were laid. [more…]