zip up your body frequency

Jump Up Your Body Frequency

Energy Medicine Specialist Emine Baran warns that human body frequency is the trigger for changes in the world and that the consciousness of fear can lead the entire universe to disasters. “We have to be careful what we think. We shape the world.” To be in tune with the frequency of the earth [more…]

Sweden announces its decision to merge volvo with gin geely
46 Sweden

Swedish Volvo and Chinese Geely Announces Merger Decision

Announcing that they have decided to merge with the Swedish luxury car brand and the Chinese Geely, they announced their plans for the merger. In the statement, while the company structures are preserved, the integration of work in the areas of electrification, smartness, connectivity and sharing in automobiles [more…]

My network reached Gaziemire
35 Izmir

BİSİM Network Reached Gaziemir

to Gaziemir kazanMayor Halil Arda, who spoke at the opening ceremony of BISIM stations, gave the good news that the number of stations will be increased to 4 and new bike paths will be built. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to Gaziemir kazanon the Way of Love and [more…]

beware of severe eye catching

Attention to Severe Eye Chiseling!

Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Hakan Yüzer gave information about the subject. Tear duct obstruction, which can be seen in many people from babies to middle-aged women, causes the eye ducts to fill with microbes if left untreated. [more…]