food that increases body resistance after covid

10 Nutrients That Increase Body Resistance After Covid

In order to protect against Covid-19, the epidemic disease of the century, it is of great importance to have a strong immunity by eating a healthy diet as well as following the rules of social distance and hygiene. Despite all these measures, those who caught and recovered from Covid infection were also 'Covid-19'. [more…]

Hydrogen Usage Called at Airbus Airports
33 France

Airbus Calls For Use Of Hydrogen In Airports

Paris Region, Choose Paris Region, Groupe ADP, Air France-KLM and Airbus launch an unprecedented worldwide call to draw attention to the use of hydrogen at airports Paris Region, Groupe ADP, Air France-KLM and Airbus have launched their air transport activities. [more…]

How can we reduce the natural gas bills in winter?

How Do We Reduce Increasing Natural Gas Bills In Winter?

While consumers' spending more time in their homes due to the pandemic is negatively reflected on the bills, new remedies are being considered in order not to negatively affect the amount of bills with the increase in natural gas prices. The most effective way to prevent rising natural gas and electricity bills [more…]

Genetic-based hearing loss may occur at ages

Genetic-Based Hearing Loss May Occur in 30s

Head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Istanbul Medipol University Prof. Dr. Yıldırım Ahmet Bayazıt stated that there are various causes of hearing loss in adulthood and age-related hearing loss, but if there is a genetic predisposition, it may show symptoms in the 30s. [more…]

What are the side effects of covid vaccine

What Are the Side Effects of Covid-19 Vaccine?

While the Covid-19 vaccination process continues; Many questions are still waiting for answers. The vaccine frequency and dose, the necessity of quarantine process, the side effects of the vaccine and the necessity of the first dose and the second dose of vaccine to be the same [more…]

pezuk turasas made observations at the Eskisehir factory
26 Eskisehir

Pezük Inspected at TÜRASAŞ Eskişehir Factory

Hasan Pezük, General Manager of TCDD Transportation, continues to investigate the establishment's workplaces. Pezük, who went to Eskişehir, made examinations at Hasanbey Logistics Directorate and got information about freight transportation in the center. Pezük, with each passing day for export shipments of Hasanbey Logistics Directorate [more…]

Hayrabolu stream bridge construction works started
59 Tekirdag

Hayrabolu Stream Bridge Construction Works Started

The construction of Hayrabolu Stream Bridge in Hayrabolu district has been started by Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality, which has given great importance to road construction and repair works throughout the province since its establishment in 2014. Bridge project prepared based on 500-year flow rates 32 [more…]

azerbaijan nahcivan railway was founded
994 Azerbaijan

The Foundation of Azerbaijan Nakhchivan Railway was Started

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the new railway line, which is planned to provide transportation between the mainland of the country and the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic via Armenia. President Ilham Aliyev, his wife Emine Mehriban Aliyeva and their daughter Leyla Aliyeva, [more…]

gender equality international cartoon competition concluded
35 Izmir

Gender Equality International Cartoon Competition Concluded

Gender Equality International Cartoon Contest organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been concluded. Seyran Caferli from Azerbaijan won the first prize in the competition, in which 62 cartoonists from 549 countries participated with 672 works. Undertaking important works with the title of "women friendly city" [more…]

vex robotics tournament from izmir big city in april
35 Izmir

Vex Robotics Tournament from Izmir Metropolitan on April 23

Vex Robotics Tournament is organized in partnership with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and EducatHUB in order to keep the spirit of April 23 alive with wisdom and science. Applications for the competition, where pre-school, primary and secondary school students can participate, will continue until March 15. Izmir [more…]

pandemic control in Kocaeli private public buses
41 Kocaeli

Pandemic Control in Kocaeli Private Public Buses

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality conducts inspections to see whether the decisions and measures taken throughout the country within the scope of combating Corona virus (Covid-19) are implemented. In this context, the Department of Transportation carried out inspections for private public buses. AUDITS CONTINUE [more…]

The thickness of the snow has reached cme in Istanbul
34 Istanbul

Snow Thickness Reached 30 cm in Istanbul

According to the data of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM), as a result of heavy and effective snowfall, the snow thickness in the high and rural areas of the city reached up to 30 cm. Most tree fall reports ever [more…]